Republic of Pavlosa
Coat of Arms

Union, Justice, Motherland
Capital city Hoxhagrad
Largest city Hoxhagrad
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Pavlossan
Government Single-party presidential republic
- President Peter Palaiologos
Established June 1, 2016
Area claimed 20 square kilometers
Population 3,000
Currency None
National drink Malt Liquor
National animal Tiger

The Republic of Pavlosa is a sovereign country generally referred to as a micronation, located in the United States.

Politics Edit

The Republic of Pavlosa is a single-party presidential republic. The President has executive, legislative and judicial power and rules by decree. However, he is elected by universal and democratic elections held every five years. He is assisted by Ministers and Mayors.

Culture Edit

The Pavlossian culture is very Socialistic and European.