The Republic of Perlistan
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"Liberty for the People!"
Call to the Citizens
Capital city Kolesk City
Largest city Kolesk City
Official language(s) English
Demonym Perlistanii
Government Perlistanii Workers Party
Legislature Perlistanii Committee of Legislature
Established June ,21,2012
Area claimed 7 Acres
Population 15
Currency Cresto
Time zone Pacific Standard Time
National sport Basketball
National animal Heron
Internet Domain .ex (proposed)

Perlistan Officially the Republic of Perlistan Is a Totalitarian Goverment located inside the Northwest United States. It has a Very poor Economy and is a Police State.


Despite its Police State Goverment Perlistan has a Successful Basketball Program. It is made up of one Team. They have Competed in the Pacific Micronational Basketball Convention Against Korpithia and Grudoschia. The Kolesk City Ospreys Have Taken Second Place to Grudoschia for the Past 2 Years.


The Republic was declared an independent sovereign nation in 2012 By General Constantine II In response to the Cascadian independence movement. They have Conquered the Nation of Arbolia to the south of there border after the Arbo-Perlistanii War and have invested all their money in Military.

Law & OrderEdit

The Perlistanii Justice Bloc is the Main Police force in Perlistan. They deal with all Problems inside of Perlistan. The Justice Bloc has Responded to many Riots in Arbolia Shortly after anexxing it.  During the Battle of Kolesk city  The Justice Bloc was the first response to the Arbolian Infantry Corps. They Held the advancing military of until the Perlistanii Engineer Corps Arrived.

Arbo-Perlistanii WarEdit

On March ,11, 2013 The Kingdom of Arbolia declared war on Perlistan. Perlistan responded by sending Engineers into Arbolia Covertly and Destroying Artillery Batteries. Soon after the Arbolian Infantry Corps Invaded Kolesk city. Arbolian Soldiers Marched onto Federal Square and Began Throwing Leaflets all over announcing "Kolesk city is Arbolian!" Soon After Justice Bloc Soldiers armed with pinecones chased the Arbolians off taking one prisoner. The Perlistanii Engineers Pushed into Arbolia City and Little by little Took over the city. King Woodard I Surrendered and Perlistan Annexxed Arbolia.


The Perlistan Engineer corps are the main military in Perlistan and Deal with All Foreign Conflicts outside of Perlistan. They are taught how to repair and sabotage Mechanical Military units such as Artillery , Rockets and Vehicles.


Perlistan has a poor economy and has an inflated currency 1 USD= 10 PD. Their main export is the Himalayan BlackBerry and Import is Rice.


The Perlistanii Committee of Broadcasting produces Important News Announcements for the citizens of Perlistan.    

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