Not to be confused with Zaqistan .

Republic Of Perrysland

Jupiter by Gustav Holst
Capital city Perrystown
Largest city Perrystown
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) None
Demonym Perrinese
Government Republic
- President Zachary Perry
Established September 28, 2013
Area claimed 65.2 acres (mainland) 29.3 acres (territories)
Population 37
Currency Perrinese Dollar (proposed ) & US Dollar
Time zone EST
National animal Squirrel

Official Website

The Republic of Perrysland (Formerly Zakistan) was founded on September 28, 2013 by President Zachary Perry. This micronation has been discontinued.


On September 20, 2013, President Zachary Perry decided to create a new and simple nation. The idea behind it was to be a more online based micronation that still includes some territory. That way, anyone can become a citizen. After a few days of thinking and mapping, a territory, flag, and lots more were completed. President Perry then set out to claim the land for the country. The mainland is a medium sized wooded area, estimated at 65.2 sq. acres. The area is not developed at all, except for plenty of ATV tracks. This allows for easy traveling, and easier ways to map out settlements. In addition to the towns that were planned, many hiking trails were also planned out as a way of leisure and exercise for the locals in such a beautiful environment. After the land was claimed, the next focus was the form of government. The government was chosen to be a republic, and based off of what America is. Since the government would mainly only be supporting online citizens, they also decided on a few more things. Once becoming a citizen, citizens will own 1 square foot of land in Zakistan, and get email updates on news involving the nation. After all of that was in place, the nation was ready to begin.

In late 2014, Perry turned the micronation into more of a hobby instead of a serious nation, realizing that seceding from the US would not accomplish anything, and is pointless to think it would. For this reason, Perry considers himself American. Perry called for a meeting of the Senate on October 17, 2014 to discuss a name change for the micronation. The senate agreed to officially change the name from the Republic of Zakistan to the Republic of Perrysland. They also agreed to change the capital city's name from Zakslambad to Perrystown. The Rainbow Lake, Hopewell Island, and Adena Island claims were also voted to be abandoned during the meeting.

On December 20, 2014, President Perry called for a meeting of the senate to discuss the future of Perrysland. Perrysland in the past year had become very inactive with many citizens no longer being motivated to work on the nation's many projects. The project of building the capital was never carried out at all even though the materials needed were available. Perry too had admitted to becoming inactive over the past year. The senate met at the temporary capital building on December 22, 2014. Only 5 of the 7 senators showed up at the meeting with the other 2 not being able to make it. The first thing that was agreed upon was that the capital needed to be built. The remainder of the winter would be spent planning and perfecting the blueprints for the city while the spring, summer, and autumn would be dedicated to building. In order to raise funds for this project, the senate decided to host a last minute event, Christmas in the Woods. This had been done in previous years and worked out great since many of the residents living nearby often come to Perrysland's many trails as a form of leisure. As of now, all of the trails in the capital district are not suitable for ATV and are badly overgrown. They also do not connect with other districts of the nation. In response to these issues, the Perrinese Department of Public Development was created. The team consists of 4 people, each of which is devoted to find ways to improve and develop the micronation. Several other things were discussed in this meeting before it came to a conclusion.

Foreign Affairs

Recognized Nations:

Allies, and Foreign Relations:

Districts, Territories, & Other Claims


Districts are regions that are occupied permanently by residents and are located in the mainland or a nearby area. There are currently 3 districts.

  • The Capital 
  • Rockford
  • Sunshine Hills


Perrysland is home to 4 territories (excluding abandoned claims). Each territory is not accessible by land from the capital and they do not share the same privileges as districts do.

Detailed Info on Each Territory:

(For Western Hemisphere territory see here)

(For Eastern Hempisphere territory see here)

List of Territories:

  • Hopewell and Adena Islands
  • Speke Islands
  • Astrove Island
  • St. Pierre Island
  • Numerous Small Claims

Perrinese Department of Public Development

The Perrinese Department of Public Development (DPD) is an organization consisting of 4 citizens that was created on December 22, 2014 that deals with all of the development in Perrysland.

National Capital Project:

The National Capital Project is currently the largest project in Perrysland. As discussed at the December 22, 2014 senate meeting, the construction of the capital will be the number one priority of all citizens. The blueprints are being worked out by the DPD with collaboration with other citizens. More updates will be given in the near future.


One of the most important things the department deals with are roads. Roads in Perrysland are dangerous, unkept, and do not link to all regions of the nation. Most roads are only suitable for walking while few are suitable for dirt biking and only one for ATV riding. As a part of the National Capital Project, a road suitable for ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Golf Carts, and more will be created. It will start in Perrystown, the future capital and go south into the Rockford District and then northwest to the third (and nameless) district that is yet to be developed. In some parts, the road will be 2 lanes wide.

As discussed at the December 22, 2014 meeting, all roads must be at least 2 yards wide and can be made of any material suitable for a road. All routes that cannot follow this guideline are considered as a walking trail. It is still under debate whether the roads in the capital will be dirt or gravel.

All motor vehicles in Perrysland must register through the government. They will receive a license plate to install on their vehicle. All vehicles from outside Perrysland must use a temporary permit while driving through the country. License Plate  Permit

LICENSE PLATE                                                        DRIVING PERMIT

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