The Republic of Pondera
Republic Of Pondera FlagPondera Shield
The Flag and Shield

Success starts with you.
Libra's Scale by Hex Blade
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Capital city Wolf City
Largest city Ioza Plains
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Faith of The Elements
Demonym Ponderians
Government Autocracy, Direct democracy, Single-Party State
- Head Of State To Be Elected
- President Hex Blade
Legislature Parliament
- Number of seats - 5 (4 open)
- Last election - Has yet to grow large enough to convene a legislature.
Established November 26, 2014
Population 1 (5 including honorary citizens)
Currency Canadian Dollar
Time zone MST (UTC -7:00)
National animal Wolf

Pondera, officially The Republic of Pondera is a country that was founded by Hex Blade on November 26, 2014.

It is currently ruled by President Hex Blade.


The word Pondera is Latin for balance or weights, making the intended translation "The Republic Of Balance." He chose this name because his astrological star sign is Libra.



The idea of a micronation has always fascinated Blade, so, after a few months, he decided it was time to create one. On the day of foundation, he told some of his friends about the idea of creating a micronation/micronation group, and they all seemed to agree to the idea.


He had created the flag and shield using a website and using some digital editing software to create them. He set up the first borders around his house, with three states and four cities. After that, he thought it was time to declare it officially open as a country.

Religious Ideology

The Faith Of The Elements is an agnostic religion with its stories held in the book known as The Sabelu, it is the primary religion that Pondera follows. It borrows ideas from other religions, while adding a few of its own.


I: Thou shalt not argue with the closed-minded, for they shall only bring you down to their level.

II: Thou shalt respect other ideas of the world, even if thou does not agree with them.

III: Thou shalt not treat others better or worse than others simply because of a group they are apart of.

IV: Thou shalt remember that thou will not always be correct.

V: Thou shalt remember that total governing and total freedom will most likely lead to poor outcomes.

VI: Thou shalt not attack unless attacked first or in self defence.

VII: Thou shalt not take everything at face-value.

VIII: Thou shalt obey authorities, unless said authorities violate thou's rights.

X: Thou shalt not create chaos for the purpose of creating chaos.

Government and Politics

Political Parties

Pondera Wolf Party

Currently the only political party in Pondera, the Pondera Wolf party is a Mid-Left wing political party that was founded by Hex Blade and currently holds the only taken seat in the Parliamentary house. They campaign for a capitalistic society (with some socialist ideas) ruled by one, but still gives great power to the people. They were founded on the day of November 26th, 2014.

States and Cities

Lobby State

Lobby State Flag

This State (Flag on the right) is one of three residing in the Republic. It is called Lobby State as it is bordering Regal Plains and Contrair.

Foyer Town

The only City in Lobby State, it is a very industrialized one, and is located inside the Garage Region of Pondera. It is very industrialized due to being inside a Garage Region.


Also called "Capital State," Contrair (Flag on the right) is called this because it derives from the word contrary, due to the fact that the state has two cities: One above ground (Wolf City), and one below ground (Kakusareta).

Contrair Flag

Wolf City

The capital city of The Republic Of Pondera, it is called this as the country's national animal is the wolf. The city is home to the Parliamentary building, where most important discussions are held.


This city is located underground, and like Foyer Town, is an industrial city, but also a recreational city.

Regal Plains

Regal Plains Flag

The Regal Plains (Flag to the right) is the largest state located in The Ponderian Grasslands Region, and is very connected to nature. The only city is the largest one in all of the country called Ioza Plains, while the rest of the land is considered "The Road to Pondera Central."

Ioza Plains

Named after one of the characters of the book "Diamond" in The Sabelu, this is the largest city of all of the country, located in a fenced off area of the country, but can be accessed very easily (with the right documents, of course). The city celebrates their connection to nature, as evident in their state's flag, so they have strong agriculture.



In The Republic Of Pondera, they celebrate the holidays that Canada does (Excluding Canada Day), as well as Libra Day (November 26th) to mark the day that the country was founded.

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