Republic of Promesa

(Hebrew) רפובליקה של הבטחה

(Yiddish) רעפובליק פון דער הבטחה

Israel, America, and Promesa Under God

Capital city Autostrada City
Largest city Niesamowite
Official language(s) English, Spanish, Polish, Yiddish, Hebrew
Official religion(s) Judaism, Christianity, Monotheism, Wicca Paganism
Demonym Promeshe
Government Unitary semi-presidential republic
- President Ariel Yaari
- Prime Minister (voting)
- Minister of Foreign Affairs (voting)
Legislature Promeshe Fedralis
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - TBA
Established June 21, 2014
Population 13
Currency USD, Promeshe Dollar
Time zone Eastern Daylight Time
National sport Gaming
National drink Diet Pepsi
National animal Domestic Cat

The Republic of Promesa is a Unitary semi-Presidential Republic Founded on 21 June 2014. The current President of the Republic is Ariel Yaari, who has served since the nation's inception. The nation's population as of September 2014 is 13 Promeshes (demonym for the citizens of Promesa). Promesa is comprised of 2 states: Autostrada City and Raquel Ciudad along with 2 Territorial Claims: Niesamowite and Ciudad de Oro. Officially the Republic of Promesa, the nation is a self-proclaimed micronation that was founded on the principles of Republicanism and freedom. On 14 August 2014, Casey Hamlin was appointed Chief of Staff to President Yaari.


The term Republic comes from the Latin term 'res publica' that evolved into the the French word 'republique', which in turn evolved into the 16th Century English (modern English) word Republic. Promesa is the Spanish word for 'promise'.


The Republic was founded on 21 June 2014. It was declared an independent state by Ariel Yaari. The Republic of Promesa, despite being a young nation, has gone through several name changes. Names have changed as follows: 

1.The United Republic of Kids: The nation was originally named The United Republic of Kids, which was changed after President Yaari found the name to be foolish.

2.The Republic of South Florida: From The United Republic of Kids, The Republic of South Florida was eventually deemed to not fit the nation it was representing, and was changed.

3.The Republic of Promesa: The current name, which was declared to be "just right" from President Yaari      

The Republic was founded on the principles of Republicanism, Democracy and freedom. The President openly stated that "I do not like kingdoms or empires. I am openly without covering up against them. The power that these kings and emperors have go to there [sic] head and they do crazy things".  President Yaari was always very open towards republicanism and democracy. He founded the Republic on these virtues and does not want them to go to waste. A few days before the Republic was founded, President Yaari came upon the idea and principle of a micronation, liking the prospects of creating a nation the more he looked into it. One of Ariel Yaari's largest influences into entering micronationalism was the Hamlinian Republic and its leader Casey Hamlin. Yaari admired Hamlin's leadership skills and professional attitude. Yaari stated that "...that's what sealed the deal for me". Yaari called in his brother, PM Gabriel Mendoza, and explained to him the concepts and idea of a micronation. Much to Yaari's surprise, his brother loved the idea. Yaari was happy with this and since both of them had experience with politics, Yaari assigned Gabriel Prime Minister. Yaari later that day declared the nation independent.

Government and politics

The Government of Promesa is still in the works and as of September 2014, President Yaari is currently working on a constitution that will be ratified through the legilature. The 3 main branches of Government, the Executive and Legislative, are based on the Government of the United States of America and are outlined below.

Executive branch 

  • The current President is Ariel Yaari 
  • The President is the traditionally defined as the most powerful position in the Executive Branch
  • The Prime Minister and the President have to agree on a course of action before overriding a law 
  • The current Prime Minister (PM) is Gabriel Mendoza 
  • The PM has the power to make laws to increase trade 
  • The President may make a declaration of war, but only with approval of two-thirds of the legislature. 
  • The Minister of Foreign Affairs is the 3rd Highest ranking official in Promesa 
  • The current Minister of Foreign Affairs is Faith Quandt 
  • If another country declares war on Promesa, the Minister of Foreign Affairs must visit that country and try to input diplomacy in order to try and solve the problem. 
  • If Promesa declares war however, the Minister must go in front of Congress or The President and speak with them to rationalize the war 
  • If the President or PM drafts a law, it must go through the legislature, requiring at least a two-thirds majority to be ratified as law
  • The President can NOT make any laws taking away basic freedoms such as Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom of Marriage, etc. 
  • These are provisional laws created to hold Promesa together until a constitution is ratified. 
  • The President serves a three year term, renewable once.
  • The PM serves a four year term renewable once.


  • The Promeshe Legislature is called Promeshe Fedralis.
  • They are currently 7 seats in the Promeshe Fedralis. 
  • If the Fedralis declare war on another nation the President cannot override it.
  • Two-thirds of the Fedralis have to agree for a law to be ratified.  
  • The Fedralis cannot make laws taking away basic freedoms. 
  • The Fedralis can override a presidential law. 
  • Each Representative in the Fedralis has a term of 2 years and can be reelected once. 
  • The President can interfere with a law the Fedralis make if it tries to abolish basic freedoms. This also works vice-versa.
  • Only the Legislature can impeach Executives in the event the Executive(s) are accused of breaking Promeshe law.


There is currently only one Political Party in the Republic of Promesa, the Conservative Party. As it is the only party in the nation, the Government is currently controlled by this party. President Yaari has openly stated that he wishes there was a party to rival the Conservatives so the Government wouldn't be "lop-sided".  

Law & Order

The Republic of Promesa has a very strict set of laws, mainly pertaining to typical moral ideas as found in any and nearly every nation. Some examples of this include:

Laws of Promesa 

  • Promesa Citizens are not allowed to have Sexual Intercourse until the age of 21 Years (Unless Married).
  • Promeshes are not allowed to marry until the age of 19 Years. 
  • Promeshes are allowed to have all the basic freedoms. Freedom of Worship. Freedom of Speech. Freedom of the Press. Freedom of Petition. and Freedom of Assembly. 
  • Citizensa of Promesa are entitled to freedom of entrepreneurship and freedom of consumership.
  • People who own a business in Promesa must have fair work conditions for their employees.
  • Any Government official who is to break Promeshe Law will be tried in a court of law and if found guilty, they will be impeached and removed.
  • Government Officials cannot rig the votes of a democratic election.                                                                                                                                                                          
  • No Government official or citizen is allowed to commit adultery.
  • If any Government official puts false evidence against another government official, they will be immediately impeached and removed.
  • Pedophilia is strictly against the law.
  • Murder is Illegal. Anyone suspected of murder will be reported to the proper authorities. 
  • Acts of discrimination on basis of race, religion, etc. Is illegal.
  • You are an adult in Promesa at the age of 19 years. 
  • Watching or making pornography is illegal in Promesa

Foreign relations

Promesa is currently forming diplomatic relations with the Communist Democracy of Costa Dorada. President Yaari also hopes that he can form diplomatic relations between Promesa and Austenasia. The President says he admires their empire and their humbleness towards having an empire.


Although Promesa does not yet have a military, President Yaari has said that he hopes to be recruiting members soon. The military will be only used for self-defense or war, although the President's Chief of Staff Casey Hamlin has worked to assure the community that offensive military action by Promesa is strictly off the table.

Geography and climate

Throughout most of the year, Promesa maintains vary warm temperatures, which is common throughout its geographical location. The nation only sees a little cold weather during the winter months.


Promesa still has a forming economy. In the realm of private enterprise, President Yaari is currently learning HTML, planning to use that skill to build websites for countries. Yaari's company, which is expected to be a major economic boon, is still in the works. He has slated the business to begin operating in mid-2015.

Abolished Government Positions

Even though new Promesa does have abolished governmental positions. One of them is the Queen of Promesa. The Queen did not have any real power it was just an honorary title given to the President's mother. The 1st President of Promesa decided the Position should be abolished after he realized it sounded too dictatorial.


All Education in Promesa is Provided by the United States. Customs in Promesa vary due to the many different religions in Promesa Such as Judaism, Christianity, Monotheism, and Modern Wicca Paganism. 

all the beliefs and customs are too long to insert here so here are the links to see the history behind them and their beliefs and customs 

Judaism Christianity Monotheism Wicca Pagan


The Official News Outlet For Promesa is Promeshe News Today. It is fair when it comes to news but, is a little right-wing when it comes to politics. link below.

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