Republic of Sapien (ROS)

To Bring Peace and Unity to All Men and Women!
Capital city Portland
Official religion(s) Christianity, Batmanism
Demonym Sapien
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Legislature State Council
Established June 7, 2014
Population 15,483,449 in the claimed land [citation needed] 5 official Citizens
Currency American and Canadian dollar
Time zone PST
National drink Sprite
National animal Penguin


The Republic of Sapien is a newly founded constitutional republic. The micronation was founded on June 7, 2014 to try and unify other micronations and keep peace. We are happy to have founded our micronation and hope to meet yours!


The Republic of Sapien was founded on June 7, 2014 at midnight. Around 2 AM the constitution began to be typed and still has yet to finish.

On June 8, 2014 several citizens fight each other vocally, this is an internal crisis although the Supreme Council is mute on the subject.

June 9, 2014 an official alliance has been signed between the Republic of Sapien and the Smiril Republic called the Smiril-Sapien Alliance.

As of the 13th of June the Republic of Sapien has joined the Pan-Micronational Mutual Recognition Union reconizing all members of the union and encourages other micronations with similar goals to that of ROS to join.

On July 9th after a breif period of inactivity the King announces a 2nd official religion, Batmanism.

Government & Politics

ROS currently is a Constitutional Monarchy which will be the case until the ROS is recognized by other countries (not micronations, countries) then the constitution may be dissolved and a new one put in place where the leader is instead a council.

ROS is split up into states each one getting 1 representative and they all come together to form the State Council. Each state will have a mail box of sorts (probably a virtual one) and citizens can submit ideas. If the state likes the idea they bring the idea with them to the next State Council meeting and if 2/3 of all the representatives vote that the idea is good the idea is passed to the Supreme Council. The Supreme Council (which is lead by the King) then votes on it, although the king has a instant veto power. If 2/3 of the Supreme Council vote yes for the idea it becomes official.


While there are no official military personnel American & Canadian troops rely as the only defense


The economy is heavily capitalist although some government officials like the idea of a "resource based economy" which may become the official economy in the future.


The ROS claims parts of 2 American states and 1 Canadian province. These claims are...


Most of Oregon, half of Washington state.


South Western parts of British Columbia and Vancouver


You are still independent. You have not been invaded.


British Columbia States


Oregon States


Washington States

Foreign Relations

Friendly or allied Micronations


Kingdom of Aeroxiana


Republic of Seigvong

Recognized Micronations


Regency of Acrea

200px-UCS Earth Flag

United City States

Unrecognized Nations/Micronations

North Korea

North Korea (North Korea's land belongs to South Korea forming the Korean Republic)


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