Republic of Saugeais
Flag of SaugeaisBlason Republique-Libre-Saugeais.svg

Dé san qu’y a dèz hounnous â mondou (Since men were in the world)
Hymne du Saugeais (Hymn of Saugeais)
Republic of Saugeais Map
Capital city Montbenoît
Largest city Montbenoît
Official language(s) French, Saugette
Official religion(s) None
Short name Saugeais
Demonym Saugette
Government Democratic Hereditary Republic
- President Georgette Bertin Pourchet
- Last election - 2005
Established 1947
Area claimed 128 km²
Population 5198
Currency Saugeais Sol

The Republic of Saugeais  is a micronation founded in 1947 by Georges Pourchet in eastern France, near to the Swiss border. The small republic is home to approximately 5200 people, and is currently governed by President Georgette Bertin Pourchet, the daughter of the nations founder.

The Republic is a rather light-hearted venture, although the French postal service, has some would have argued, acknowledged the existence of Saugeais by issuing stamps in commemoration of the Republic.


Photograph Saugeais 07

President Georgette Bertin-Pourchet at a gathering in Montbenoît on the 4th October 2009.

In 1947 the Perfect of the Département of Doubs visited Montbenoît. Whilst having lunch, Georges Pourchet jokingly asked whether the perfect had his permit to enter the republic. When the perfect asked for more information about this republic, Pourchet made it up on a whim, designing what would later become the Republic of Saugeais. The Perfect responded by jokingly making Pourchet the President of this country.

Georges Pourchet died in 1968 and his wife Gabrielle succeeded him as the president before she retired in 1970. However, several years later in 1972, Gabrielle Pourchet was publicly appointed as Saugeais' President-for-life. (1)

Stamp Saugeais 01

A postage stamp issued in commemoration of Saugeais

Gabrielle would continue to develop her fathers nation, appointing government officials and ambassadors, as well as choosing the nation's national anthem. And in 1987 France released a postage stamp commemorating the republic.

Gabrielle died aged 99 on the 31st of August, 2005, and was succeeded by her daughter, Georgette Bertin-Pourchet.


  • Georges Pourchet (1947-1968)
  • Gabrielle Pourchet (1968-1970)
  • Gabrielle Pourchet (1972-2005)
  • Georgette Pourchet-Bertin (2005- )


The nation has a media which is the public televsion of the Republic of Saugeais. The public television of the Republic of Saugeais, Télé Doller Saugeais, was founded in 1978 and it's about current affairs. It broadcast soap operas and news.

La nation avait meme un médium, à savoir la télévision publique de la République du Saugeais, Télé Doller Saugeais, fondée en 1978. Elle diffusa des feuilletons et les nouvelles pour 3 heures par mois sur France 3 tv, jusqu'a 1995.

(1) En 1972, Mme Pourchet est elue a l'applaudimetre et a vie, lors d'une kermesse.


Il y a aussi un Premier Ministre, un Secretaire General, 2 douaniers [customs officers], 12 ambassadeurs, plus de 430 citoyens d'honneur. (2014)