Saxmark flag2
Flag of Saxmark
Dragon wessex
National Emblem

Stand sieker
(English: Stand sure)
Cædmon's Hymn
Capital city Everwaic
Largest city Lunden
Official language(s) New Saxon
Official religion(s) Reformed Christianity
Demonym Saxon
- Chancellor Countess Godiva
- Prime Minister Elector Gertrude
- Steward Earl Penda
- Type - Unicameral
Established 10th June 2010
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)
National drink Ale
National animal Goose

The Republic of Saxmark (New Saxon: Kynewaise Saxmark) is new nation project in the British Isles working to restore the Anglo-Saxon nation and language, and to establish a state rooted in Reformed Christianity.


On 10th June 2010, Penda founded the Kingdom of West Germania - later to become Saxmark. It was his desire to continue where the Anglo-Saxons had left off in the 11th century, to better preserve and to promote the culture of the English nation in the modern world. From the Late West Saxon language, and also influenced by the development of German and Dutch, Penda II constructed a new language (initially named West Germanic after the language family, now New Saxon), which is a purer descendant of Old English, having much more in common with continental Germanic than with modern English.

In 2011, Penda converted to Christianity and later developed a passion for Reformed theology and church history. Inspired by the reformers, especially the government of Geneva at the time of John Calvin and the Puritan government of the Commonwealth of England, he devoted his kingdom to the Protestant cause. While claiming the historical title King, he remembers that it is merely his prerogative to ensure as much as possible that the nation is obedient to God's law revealed in scripture, that 'Christ, not man, is King'.

On 6th January 2015, Penda abdicated the throne of Saxmark in favour of a Calvinist republican model with elected officers who are subordinate to the eternal King Jesus Christ and the Word of God

Together, the rich Anglo-Saxon cultural, especially literary, tradition and the spirit of the Puritan mission form the bedrock of the Kingdom of Saxmark.


Located mainly in Great Britain, Saxmark also has bases in North America.


All of the Saxon territories are located in temperate latitudes, with moderate summers and winters.


Saxmark is superficially a modern state, embracing modern technology and clothing. King Penda II personally believes in the 'Village Green Preservation Society' philosophy established by the words of Kinks songwriter Ray Davies: 'Preserving the old ways from being abused/Protecting the new ways for me and for you'. Culturally and historically, the state has a somewhat dual identity. Saxmark takes pride in its Germanic origins, encouraging her citizens to learn about and, to some extent, to adopt the customs of their Anglo-Saxon and Viking cultural forefathers. This includes the value of ancient Germanic myths and legends, powerful storytelling, alliterative verse, and a taste for fine beer and hearty meals.

King Penda II also desires to model his society on Puritan England and John Calvin's Geneva. At the time of the Long Parliament, there were hopes that Popery could be eradicated from the established Church of England, especially when Oliver Cromwell succeeded in overthrowing King Charles I. Saxmark is the descendant of this age and continues to embody the drive to reform the English Church, with the wish to establish a Reformed Presbyterian polity. Penda's movements would have wider implications for society, returning to a pre-Enlightenment ideal which holds the Bible in high regard, in order to restore public standards of morality.


New Saxon is the national language although English is that used in government proceedings and everyday life by most citizens. An effort is being made to produce more materials for the learning of New Saxon to promote a national identity. Some citizens are gradually acquiring the language. It is a planned language, derived from Old English and following strict policy to reduce foreign influence. It is closely related to Dutch and German and designed to be understood at least partially by speakers of these languages.


Saxmark is currently undergoing a political reorganisation.

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