Republic of Solas
Flag Flag of SolasCoat of Arms Coatofarms2

Et gloriosa res potius
State Anthem of Solas
Northeast Ohio
Capital city Tavania
Largest city Tavania
Official language(s) English
Short name Solas
Demonym Solasian
Government Republic (de facto Autocracy)
- President Major-General Jake Muscaro
Legislature Solasian Senate
- Number of seats - 15(vacant)
- Last election - May 11, 2014
Established May 9, 2014
Area claimed 2.9 acres possessed, all Terra nullius claimed
Population 70 claimed, 14 actual
Currency Solasian Radin(Official) U.S. Dollar(Recognized)
Time zone Eastern Time Zone (UTC-5:00)
National sport Boxing
National dish Sirloin Steak

The Republic of Solas (LatinRepublica Solas) is a small, landlocked micronation in north-eastern Ohio that was formed in 2014. 

History Edit

On May 9, 2014 the Republic of Solas was declared an independent nation.  Two days after the formation of Solas, the senate was established to limit the executive power. Solas was a nation flourishing with culture. About two weeks after establishment, the nation fell into chaos, and the senate voted the President legislative powers. Since then, Solas has once again flourished. The next month, Solas established the Autonomous Governate of Grebensburg. The Solasian economy thrives on the selling of items on the internet.


Culture can be described as rich in Solas.  Holidays range from New Year's Day and Republic Day all the way to Christmas.  Many other holidays are celebrated but not necessarily official.

Government Edit

The President is Major-General Jake Muscaro, who assumed office on May 9, 2014. The legislative body is the Solasian Senate, in which all 15 seats are vacant.  Justice falls under control of the Grand Court that seats three grand judges.  Following crisis, Muscaro humbly accepted legislative powers and has vowed to return them once the situation improved.


The Solasian Defence Force is a small but deadly organization. The current commander-in-cheif of the defense forces is Major-General Jake Muscaro.  The bulk of it consists of an air corp of remote-controlled aircraft.  There are means to equip infantry, but not much manpower.

Currency Edit

The Solasian Radin is the official currency. It features a portrait of President Muscaro.  It works on a trust system. Although not official, U.S. currency is both recognized and accepted.


The Grand Centrist Party is the only political party in Solas.  Being centrist, they hold both rightist and leftist views.  They have 100 percent control over the senate and courts as well as the executive branch.

Foreign AffairsEdit

Solas has not established any formal diplomatic relations yet.

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