Republic of South America

"Never underestimate your opponent, never overestimate yourself"
Maryland (subject to change)
Capital city Ravana
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Religious freedom for all
Government Parliamentary Monarchy
- Magistratus Arbitrio Dylan Stearn
Established 11/26/2013
Area claimed 5 square acres
Population 5
Time zone Eastern Standard time
National animal Panther
This nation is a a member of the Example Organisation

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Our flag

The Republic of South America was founded on 11/26/2013 by Dylan A. Stearn. He created it in hopes of removing corruption and over payment from National Government's and giving more power to the citizens. The name is temporary until a pannel can be held to determine a country name.

Government & PoliticsEdit

The Republic of South America is currently a Parliamentary Monarchy that consists of a senatorial body named "The Senatus", voted on by the public and a Magistratus Arbitrio that is nominated by the previous Magistratus Arbitrio. The MA can make decisions without immediately informing the Senatus, but a 2/3 vote can overrule a decision made by the MA. An MA controls for 10 years before choosing to either retire or continue rule. If the MA continues to rule then there is a nationwide vote from the public directly to determine if he can continue. If the vote requires the MA to retire then they must make a nomination for who will take over. The MA can nominate a successor any time thought their reign but they cannot nominate a family member. Any nomination must be passed by a 2/3 majority vote from the Senatus.       


Law & OrderEdit

The Republic of South America has a more lenient toward the subject of recreational drugs. The growing and possession of Cannabis will be lawful but the sale of it will be closely monitored as not to turn into a criminal enterprise. Hallucinogens will be allowed in small amounts but substances such as cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, or any other type of hard drug are strictly illegal under all circumstances. 

At the age of 16 children are allowed to separate from their family, however it is not recommended until 18. The driving age is set at 16 as well but until the person turns 18 any intoxicated driving will result in suspension of driving privileges until they are 18. 

There is no exile punishments in this nation, all crimes are dealt with by our government. Following are the punishments for a variety of crimes.

  • Murder- Death
  • Robbery- Must pay back the amount stolen x2
  • Rape- Death
  • Selling "Soft Drugs"- Confiscation and minimum 2 year sentence to hard labor.
  • Selling "Hard Drugs"- Confiscation and minimum 10 year sentence to hard labor.
  • Possession of "Hard Drug"- Confiscation and minimum 6 month sentence to hard labor.

Foreign RelationsEdit

The Republic of South America is currently opening diplomatic relations with any willing nations.

Currently we are in an alliance with the New Republic of Texas as well as being a member of the American Union.


Currently the Republic of South America army consist of 4 members that are named the National Militia. Training is grueling with practices almost every day which includes extensive PT, military maneuvers, drill routines, and heavy education. The belief is of quality over quantity. We are committed to producing finely trained soldiers that can match the most respectable countries elite soldiers. The military is currently separated into 4 different sections.    

IMG 1506-1-

  • Intelligence: controls and specializes in the gathering of intelligence and infiltration.    
  • Exercitu Populi: Latin for "Peoples' Army" is the main force and is comprised of the Navy, Air Force, and General Infantry.    
  • Dedicauitque: Latin for "Dedicated One" is the elite of the nations army and have been designated a branch all their own.    
  • Cyber warfare: In the new computer age cyber warfare has become a large concern, these men and women combat these threats.    


The economy is made up mostly of the exportation of food currently. Once the funding is available the nation will move to South America and that will make the lumber industry very large for us. There will also be a large growth in agriculture as we make large farms to feed our people and also export to other countries to allow for a more prosperous economy. 


Farming- Corn, Squash, Zucchini, and some Wheat.

Lumber- creation of firewood as well as building planks.

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