Republic of Spaceland

Intervallo Libertati (From Space, Freedom)
Spaceland of Above
Capital city Dacula
Largest city Dacula
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) N/A
Short name Spaceland
Demonym Spacelanders ; Spacelandic
Government Democratic Republic
Legislature Congress
- Number of seats - 48 (36 Representatives and 12 Senators)
- Last election - Will be held on January 1st 2018
Established 2017
Area claimed 0.36 Acres
Population 4
Currency U.S. Dollar
Time zone Eastern Standard Time (EST:-4:00)
National sport Rocket Race

Spaceland, officially the Republic Of Spaceland, is a micronation in Southeastern United States, The capital and largest city is Dacula. Spaceland shares a land border with the United States of America. The Spaceland Wall marks the boundary between Spaceland and the United States.

History Edit

In 2016, a young man named Jacob Ball decided to launch several model rockets. this lead to a love of rocketry. In February 2017, Jacob was intrigued by a micronation he saw on TV. That nation, was Sealand. He decided he wanted to combine his two loves to make the Republic of Spaceland.

Government Edit

The government of Spaceland is a democratic republic with a Congress and a Court. There are 48 people in congress (36 representatives and 12 senators) and 9 people in The supreme court (8 judges and 1 head judge).

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