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The Republic of Styrka is a sovereign micronation located near Stafford Springs, CT. It is ruled under a capitalist federal presidential republic, with a president, vice president, a cabinet and a ten member parliament. Elections are held twice a year. 

Federal Republic of Styrka

Strength, Power, Leadership
God Defend My Styrka
Stafford Springs, CT
Capital city New Otium City
Largest city New Otium City
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) None
Short name Styrka
Demonym Styrkan
Government Capitalist Federal Presidential Republic
Legislature Parliament
- Number of seats - 10
- Last election - February, 2013
Established January 10th, 2013
Area claimed .98 Acres
Population 5 Domestic animals, Humans
Currency Styrkan Dollar



The flag of Styrka

The Republic of Styrka was founded on January 10th, 2013 after the long Post-Otiumian civil war between the capitalists and the monarchists. The country was then placed under the temporary rule of the People's Socialist Republic of Lewisia and Premier Jacob Lewis, until the capitalist government was stable enough to operate. The night of the war ending, capitalist leader Damon Reynolds wrote the constitution of the republic, which contained seven articles stating how the republic would be ruled. Three days later, on January 13th at approximately 10:03 P.M EST, the constitution was ratified into federal law with it being signed by Reynolds and capitalist leader Melissa Reynolds. 

The country was previously a member of the MLU, which capitalist leader Damon Reynolds helped formed. For a short time it was a very successful union, but controversy had struck when a capitalist and communist country caused extremely harsh banter, eventually spiraling into the vortex of a micro-national 'World War'. The government had merged with Lewisia for about two weeks, creating the People's Republic of Stykria. Reynolds was the Chancellor, as his counter-part Lewis was the Premier. Although harsh attacks occurred, the communists lost, and a rebellion by Lewis's people gave way to a government split and gridlock.

At the end of the communist rule, former SIA director Hunter Grau had taken over the new United Soviet Revolutionary Front (USRF). The move was shocking, though he has had a history of belligerence. On impact of the Republic of Styrka forming, the communists declared war on our nation, alongside the Socialist Republic of Chekovskaya, the United Socialist Republic of Sicilia, and Lewis's new PRS. Harsh communications would follow, and a final armistice would be put in place to end gridlock.

Post-war, Styrka has been relatively calm, except for short flares with the communists. But just recently, the United Micro-nations union has been formed, keeping secrets from Damon Reynolds's government. This can include the rumors of spies in the country and major strategical moves.

On Monday, April 15th, 2013, two bombs were set off at the Boston Marathon in Boston, MA, USA. The effects killed 3 and wounded 180+. After a manhunt later in the week, the surviving suspect had been caught and put custody. Reynolds announced that unconditional war on terror would follow and that he was saddened by this terrible attack.

After what had seemed to be a case of PTSD, President Reynolds made a major announcement saying that he would be temporarily stepping down as President, and would inherit the title of President Ameritus while Mr. Cody White would take the reigns until mid June. White was inaugurated on the 25th of April, and had served for about a month when political madness spiraled into his resignation, the resignation of General Stosovic, and the declaration of martial law, naming Reynolds President.

In an effort to advance the credibility of Styrka, President Reynolds announced the shifting of several political changes, including the national anthem, political boundries, creating a radio station, and even a change of the flag. All ideas were passed by parliament.

In early June, the campaign for President began to heat up as incumbent Reynolds prepared to try to reclaim the position, against rivals Massimo Genevisi the progressivist and Dominique Bois the nationalist. Tensions flared as the unstable Genevisi tried to spurn the Styrkan populous into following him, which nearly worked as Reynolds had 12 votes, Genevisi has 10 and Bois had 1, allowing Reynolds to be re-elected, with inauguration a week later. Two weeks later, Massimo Genevisi was thrown in jail near Camp Alan for disobeying the constitution and making rebellious movements against the government.

In early June, in the midst of hurricane season, Tropical Storm Andrea made its way up the east coast where it dumped several inches of rain on Styrka and America, in the severity that Reynolds would have to declare a national state of emergency. Conditions improved the next day and casualties were of none.

In late June, the Styrkan diplomatic team had met two conservative nations, Mons and Monovia, who they had both sign accords with. To this day, the nations hold a very special alliance, known as the Key Three. Two weeks later, the diplomats met up with Mr. Janewski, Prime Minister of Styrka, where another tight alliance was signed off, and has perhaps been known as one of the biggest alliances to Styrka. An attempt to make peace with Lundy went through multiple negotiations, and was passed, although the nations retain a shaky relationship to this day.

In a meeting of parliament, several topics were discussed and most passed, including the biggest move, declaring the Nordstadt Building unfit, moving the parliament meetings into the foyer of the capitol building. Also in the legislation was the sensitive topic of gay marriage, as Styrka declared the banning of it. 


The ROS is ruled under a presidential government (the president is head of state) with a vice president (head of Parliament) and the state department. The Parliament is elected each year by the people. The ten members elected are in charge of voting on laws and heading the court. The ROS currently establishes diplomatic relations with Lewisia and Lundy. Elections are usually held on the first Wednesday of November (special elections are held one month after vacation).

The government has several intelligence agencies. These include the SNN, the Styrkan News Network, which broadcasts news across the nation and the micronational world; the SIA, which is the main place of intelligence research for the government for the ROS; and the ROS Army and the ROSMC, the Army and Marines, who guard the nation and embassies around the world. The homeland is protected by border control and the FBI. 

The government currently has an embassy in Millers Falls, MA, outside of the PSROL, maintained for diplomatic relations. 

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