Republic of Taliesin

"Education, peace, freedom, and companionship are the best rewards in life."
Georgia, United States
Capital city Alfheim
Largest city Alfheim
Official language(s) Welsh, German, American English, and English.
Official religion(s) Christianity, Athiesm, Celtic Paganism
Demonym Taliesinians
Government Federal Parliamentary Representative Democratic Republic Government
- King Dylan Parry Morgan
- Prime Minister Seren Blevins
- Queen Marged Lilybet Jones
Legislature Parliament
Established 2013
Area claimed 3.78km²
Population 12
Currency Taliesinian Silver
Time zone UTC
National sport Polo
National animal Raven
This nation is a a member of the Example Organisation

The Republic of Taliesin was founded on April 6th, 2013, established as a Federal Parliamentary Representative Democratic government by Seren Blevins, Dylan Parry Morgan, and Marged Lilybet Jones. 


The Republic of Taliesin is named for the Welsh poet, Taliesin, who is the god of writing, poetry, wisdom, wizards, bards, music, knowledge, and magic. He lived from 534 AD to 599 AD, and was born as Gwion Bach. 


After being established, the founders chose places in government, with Seren Blevins as the prime minister, Dylan Parry Morgan as the king, and Marged Lilybet Jones as the queen. There has yet to be a formal election, but, as of now, the leaders and citizens are enjoying the assigned postitions. As for conflict, there have not been any serious arguments, but there are small debates about land pending. 

Government & Politics

The Republic of Taliesin is a federal parliamentary representative democratic republic government. The leaders of The Republic of Taliesin are Seren Blevins, Dylan Parry Morgan, and Marged Lilybet Jones. 

Law & Order

The Republic of Taliesin has an extremely low crime rate, and laws are fair and just. The courts are sublime, and barely any cases have been judged incorrectly. There is one jail in The Republic of Taliesin, and the number of inmates in minimal. Also, there have not been any homicide cases reported, and citizens feel well-protected from murderers. All citizens have the right to a lawyer and are innocent until proven guilty.  

Foreign Relations

Realm von freyja Realm under Freya has diplomatic relations with The Republic of Taliesin.

RFFKingdom of Fyrax, King Jack I's micronation, has diplomatic relations with The Republic of Taliesin.

Flag1 Lyonesse, Prince Lothian I's micronation has diplomatic relations with The Republic of Taliesin.


As the Republic of Taliesin is a peaceful nation, there is not a requirement for military forces. However, in preperation, there are prepared forces who have been trained in combat, and the Taliesinian People's Protection Agency (T.P.P.A) is constantly gaining new information on the surrounding areas and threats provided by them or different outside forces. Most military and government operations are kept confidential.

Geography & Climate

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The Republic of Taliesin is in a temperate climate area, with mild winters and hot summers. Most of the region is composed of temperate decidous forests and populated industrial zones, but there are open areas as well.  Land forms include creeks, ponds, and large hills. 


The main industries are textiles, agriculture, toys, and other consumer goods. Exports include toys, a few foods, consumer goods, and jewellery, and are exported through trade with other countries. There are many imports, such as foods, raw materials, and tools/machinery, which, likewise to exports, are obtained through trade with other micronations. All trades take place under free trade agreements. Seren Blevins has worked towards a thriving economy; the economy of The Republic of Taliesin is mixed, but it gravitates towards a market economy, much like that of the United States. Also, the unemployment rate is 1.8%, which is fairly good. September 1- September 30 is the fiscal year. Suprisingly- or not so suprisingly- the national debt is a mere $4,350. 


The Republic of Taliesin is home to a diverse range of people, and all religions, cultures, languages, and customs are accepted.


However, the most prevalent religions are Christianity, Atheism, Agnosticism, and Celtic Paganism. In fact, many aspects in The Republic of Taliesin are named for deities of Celtic Paganism.  


Languages spoken in The Republic of Taliesin are Welsh, English (American and British), and German, but the leaders are in the process of creating a language specifically for The Republic of Taliesin. 

The Arts:

The arts are highly valued in The Republic of Taliesin, and most inhabitants can play one or more instruments. Citizens often attend the Thespian Conference, as well as participating in performances. 


Education is also valued. All citizens have the opportunity to attend school, and all but a few do not attend. The literacy rate is 98%.

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