Republic of Townville

"Democracy for all"
Williamsburg, Virginia
Capital city New Jamestown
Largest city TBA
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Townian
Government Presidental Republic
- President James Hood
Legislature Parliament
- Number of seats - nine(9)
Established 9/12/12
Area claimed Williamsburg, Virginia
Population 50
Currency TV Dollar
Time zone Eastern Standard Time
National sport Tournament/The Joust
National dish Hamburger
National drink Organic Smootie
National animal Horse
Patron saint George Washinton

The Republic of Townville is a micronation located in Williamsburg, Virginia, US. It was founded in September 2012 by James and his best friends and neighbors. Today it has a population of 50 and numbers are expected to rise.


Townville was established in 9/12/12 by James and his close friends. It was first called "The Townville Kingdom" this short lived state claimed a small part of their neighborhood. James friend, Matthew Hood was declared king. However, their was a conflict between Townians and local rivals who detested the presence of this nation. This led to the creation of an army and the September War which lasted till October. A truce was declared after a stunning Townian victory. After the war, the nation gained popularity and many more people, mostly close friends and neighbors joined in. On October, Matthew had to move to New York and James was declared the newest king of TV. However, he wanted to make TV a democratic republic and hence, on 10/20/12, Townville was declared a republic with James as president. During his first term he passed many reforms and made a currency, constitution, new government and army. This era was called the "Golden Era" The nation has never experienced such a boom. Unforunalty by early 2013 the nation went dormant due to excessive inactivity. The nation wasn't fully active till 2014! When James was convinced by his peers to revive the nation. And so, he did. This leads us to 2015. During 2015, Townville expanded and claimed another neighborhood, and a local lake.

Government and PoliticsEdit

Townville has a democratic based government. Every few years, a president is appointed by an election. There is also a congress which can pass laws and veto them. The President does not have full power and people are given many rights and a say in the government.

Political Parties In Townville, there ae several political parties. Article 4 guarantees the rights of forming one. Here are the following parties:

Name Narentian Name Founded Sabor members Ideology Leader Members
Conservative Party 11th February 2013 1 Pro gun rights, pro life, anti Liberalism Justin Park 3
Liberal Party 10/11/15 1 Pro Abortion, Anti Guns Young Yul Chung 6
Peoples Red Party 4th February 2014 2 Socialism George Anderson 1


Townville has a small yet reliable military force. First founded in 2012 during the September War, the TV Army has now grown rapidly and has an army of 21. However, Its arsenal consists of Airsoft, Nerf, and Sticks. It is currently commanded by Jame's brother, Roger. The Townian Army has no official uniforms, Soldiers mostly use their own gear and wear civilian clothing. The TV also has a small navy with a few canoes.


Townville Culture is heavily influenced by American culture and local culture. Its roots can date back to the Jamestown era. Holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, are commonly celebrated. Local cuisine is very popular in TV, and is eaten very frequently.
Colonial Williamsburg Food is the most famous choice among Townians.

Religion Townville Culture is heavily influenced by Christianity. According to a 2015 survey, 90% of Townians consider themselves Christian and go to church on a regular basis. There is even a small church located in New Jamestown, TV. A few Townians are also Muslim, Atheist or Hindu/Sikh.


Townville has a dynamic, capitalist, export-driven economy with gradually decreasing state involvement in investment and foreign trade. In keeping with this trend, some government-owned banks and industrial firms are being privatized. Real growth in GDP has averaged about 3%. Exports have provided the primary impetus for industrialization. The trade surplus is substantial. Townville has its own currency, the TV Dollar. TV exports several things like Crops, Clay, and fish from nearby lakes. This makes up 43% of the booming economy. Trading and bartering are commonly used. The Townian Stock Exchange has a market capitalisation of $10 as of 2015. The Government of Townville has traditionally played a mostly passive role in the economy, with little by way of industrial policy and almost no import or export controls. Market forces and the private sector were allowed to determine practical development. Under the official policy of "positive non-interventionism", Townville is often cited as an example of laissez-faire capitalism. Following the founding of the nation, the micronation industrialised rapidly as a manufacturing centre driven by exports, and then underwent a rapid transition to a service-based economy in 2014.


Townville claims

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