Republic of Trihinia

in progess
Flag of Trihinia
Republic of Trihinia
Flag of Trihinia

Veni, vidi, vici

(I came, I saw, I conquered)


Hell March

Capital City





None primarily, all religion allowed




Caesar - Caesar Kyle

Consul - John I

Area Claimed

Not Available


20 (Foreign: 2)


US Dollar (To be changed)

Time Zone


National Drink

Coca Cola


March 29th, 2016

Patron Saint

Saint George

The Republic of Trihinia is located in the city of Lexington, KY and was founded on 3/29/2016 by its current leader, Caesar Kyle, and his brothers. The population is around 10, but is climbing.


The Early Republic

On March 28th, 2016, three brothers by the names of Kyle, Evan, and Ryan were theorizing about Micronations. They were brothers and were thinking of founding a Micronation. They quickly designed a flag, wrote a constitution, and proclaimed the Republic of Trihinia, with the oldest brother proclaiming himself Caesar. He soon expanded the nation to his neighbors or friends land.

To prevent corruption, the brothers wrote into their constitution a Senate and heavily checked the powers of the Caesar. In order to keep the senate orderly, the position of Consul was ordered by the Caesar to prevent the Senate from fracturing or getting disorderly. The first Consul was the Caesar's close friend, John.

On April 21st, 2016, the Caesar announced he has been getting educated in America. He is hoping to found schools in Trihinia soon. Also the Senate was temporarily put on hold as new immigrants were coming in and the elections had to be held. The Caesar also proclaimed that John the first, his Consul, would be serving an extra month, as his service was needed.

The Caesar later announced that the Senate would be recommissioned for elections April 22nd. This meant that the founders could either be re-elected or could retire. The Military was commissioned to protect the borders.

On April 25th the Senate was fully re-opened for elections and the Republic expanded to nearby homes and the cul-de-sac.

Finally, on April 28th, the one month anniversary of the Republic's founding occurred, with the ratification of the Hell March anthem by the Caesar and the Senators. The festivities would continue until the actual anniversary date of 4/29 and continue into the weekend. Parades, playing of the anthem, and more occurred on the locations of Trihinist territory. Also during this time, the Caesar commissioned the Forth Caesarical Command: Activation of the Tyrant Squadron, the most elite of Trihinist soldiers.

The "Platinum" era

On 4/29, on the one month anniversary of Trihinia's founding, in talks with the nobility within Trihinia, Caesar Kyle proclaimed that Trihinia had entered a Platinum Era. It was prosperous, well funded, and had backing behind it in the form of a growing citizenship base.

Due to controversy from the Senate and the citizens asking for it, animal rights was finally granted on May 4th, 2016, giving all animals living within Trihinia citizenship. Though the Caesar stated they would not be voting, be able to achieve government, or serve in the military (unless a service dog) as they are animals.


Trihinia has a two part government, each being called Folds. The Executive Fold is the Caesar and the Consul. The Consul may vote on Senate decisions and propose bills, but is really there to keep the Senate orderly. The Consul serves a month and the Caesar is in position for life. The Caesar may only veto laws and pass executive orders that the Senate may veto.

The Legislative Fold is the Senate, who propose laws and veto the Caesar's executive orders. The Senate serve a week, but this is likely to change as stated by Caesar Kyle. Senators are elected every Monday.

Law and Order

Law Enforcement Forces

-The Tyrant Squadron (The secret service of the Republic, taking orders only from the Caesar)

Court system

The Republic runs its courts on the Senate. The Senators assign a prosecution and a defense, and act as the Jury. They are expected to be unbiased. If a corrupt Senator is found in the case, he will be left from the Jurisdiction. If the court is left hung, the Caesar and Consul will step in and decide.

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