Patronum is currently in the leader's house and i have no idea how big it is.

There are 5 districts that are each labeled on the map.

District 1: Discussing Defense

District 2: Religious Things

District 3: Politics

District 4:Defense Training

District 5: City

National Dish And Drink

The national dish for Patronum is Canadian poutine. The ingredients to it are crispy french fries,cheese, gravy, sausage and bacon. all of this will be sprinkled in bacon.

The national drink is lemonade with at most 30ml of sprite, however you can use 7UP but it has to be 25ml at once.

Laws And Alliances

The alliances that the republic of Patronum is only The Alliance Of Fish which contains at least 20 micronations including the Principality of Egan and Newton.

Law Number 1: You must NOT attack any micronation inside the Alliance of Fish. if you do you will be expelled from Patronum and The Alliance Of Fish.

Law Number 2: You must not deface any property of the government or property that is not yours.

Currency, Flag, National Anthem and Languages

In Patronum the currency is bottle caps. The more you have the richer you are and the more taxes you have to pay.

The flag of Patronum is a Black triangle with a white backround. if any body destroys it they will be kicked out of Patronum and The Alliance Of Fish.

The National Anthem is "Da Coconut Song" and it is majestic.

The languages are English, French and Patronese.