Republic of Victoria

Republika Victoria

Mapa rv Godlo rv
Flag Emblem
Motto: (--)
Anthem: "Song of Shine and Glory of Victoria"
Constitution December Constitution
Official language polish
Capital Megapolis
Government Federal republic, parliamentary-cabinet
President Hewret Primus
Prime Minister Piotr Poniatowski
Virtual area 340 800 vkm²
Population (2013)

50 500 000

Currency 1 dukat victoriański = 100 centów (Ɖ, DV) 
JoiningOPM 3 April 2012
Virtual time zone

UTC +1 – summer
UTC +2 - winter

Car code RV / V
Flight code RV
Main domain

Republic of Victoria (polish: Republika Victoria, Republika Victorii) - polish virtual micronation, one of the youngest polish micronations located in virtual community. Victoria is situated at East Continent, called in polish Orientyka. From the south is borders with Austrian-Hungary Monarchy, and from the east borders with Great Britain and Trizondal. Shoreline determines North Virtual Ocean.

Victoria owns constitution, executive, legislature and judiciary. In February 2013 micronation has 22 citizens.


East Continent - Orientyka

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