Zachodnoslavija, officially the Republic of Zachodnoslavija (Zachod: Републиц оф Зачоднославия) is a sovereign state with no recognition located in North America.

Zachodnoslavijan Republic
Zachodnoslavijan Empire Flag
|]] Coat of arms of zachodnoslavijan empire

Hey Slavs!
National Anthem of the Republic of Zatoka

North America
Capital city Sarajevo
Largest city Lomasz
Official language(s) English, Pirato
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Zachodnoslavijan, Zatok, Zatokan, Zachod
Government Republic
Population 3
Currency Zatoks ZEZ
Time zone EST Eastern Standard Time
National sport Football
National dish Takis
National drink Water
National animal Wolf


Zachodnoslavija means "Western Slavs". The name was chosen because the nation identifies as a Slavic nation that has been founded in the western hemisphere. The nations former name was "The Republic of Zatoka". The republic now holds four provinces, which comprises of the former tribe's territory.


In the early months of 2012, a tribe of brothers built villages throughout the land of an american city. Many of the villages were destroyed by Americans. To strengthen their tribe, the warlord brought his closest members of the tribe together to form the Zachodnoslavijan Republic. He then designated certain areas to become provinces.

National AnthemEdit

The national anthem of the empire is "Hey Slavs". It was composed by an unknown man and the lyrics were written by Samuel Tomášik. The anthem is dedicated to the Slavic people. Which is the reason why it holds as the national anthem of the Republic.


Province Governor
Zatoka Governor Irish Lomaszko
Sarajevo Governor Bikzbi Zydrunaszko

Government and PoliticsEdit

The republic is led by President Zorro Zydrunaszko. He leads the nation with only a few of his closest brothers.

Foreign relationsEdit


Flag Nation Head of state Diplomatic Relation
Grand Republic of Amoria President Max l of Amoria Ally
Cockatiel Empire Flag (2014)
Cockatiel Empire President Anthony Smith Ally
Republic of Smithville Flag
Republic of Smithville Giovanni T. Ally
Union of New Soviet Socialist Republics President Aaron Lowry Ally
Terra Silvae
People's Commonwealth of Terra Silvae Morgan James Morrison Ally
Tsardom of Markoslavia Tsar Marko Milić I Ally
Serbian Autonomous Republic President Miloš Novaković Ally


The main Military force behind the empire is the army. The army has a Special Operations Force which goes by the nickname "Black Berets". The reason for this name is because of their distinctive headgear worn by them.  


Logo of the Black Beret's first squad.

Druzhba UnionEdit

The republic founded the Druzhba Union along with their closest ally Amoria.

Noble ScrollEdit

Druzhba Union

This scroll was presented to the President by Governor Irish Lomaszko for it to be a basic description of the republic.


Freedom To Be ActEdit

The Freedom To Be Act was created so discrimination against colors, religions, sex, and sexual orientations would be banned. In the empire, races (color) does not exist. Zachodnoslavijans simply identify as Zachods, Zatokans, or any term they choose. The republic does not use words like "Black, White, Hispanic, Asian." If you are a citizen, you are respected as a Zachodnoslavijan.

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