The Republic of Zimlandia
Republican Flag

Per Deum Libertas
Southern Utah
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Roman Catholicism
Short name Zimlandia
Demonym Zimlandian
Government Oligaric Republic
- Consul Eric and William
Legislature Senate
- Number of seats - 3
Established March 9, 2014
Disestablished March 25, 2014
Population 5

The Republic of Zimlandia is a now defunct micronation.

History Edit

The Republic's creation was preceded by the discovery of Sealand by William, a future consul of Zimlandia. He was quick to realize its brilliance and soon showed his younger brother, Eric, the micronation.

The two brothers then spent several days designing what would become the Republic of Zimlandia. They wrote a constitution and held elections. Surprisingly, they won and assumed the offices of Consul.

The nation was running smoothly, until the boys' grandfather lead a revolution. It was quick and brutal. It destroyed the new nation's military, diplomacy, and its spirit.

After the nation's early demise at the hands of the revolution, a desire for Zimlandian statehood was lost and the new revolutionary government (which never fully formed) held no legitimacy with the people. It wouldn't be for months until the brothers could rebuild a Zimlandian state, but this time they learned their lesson. The Royal Co-Principality of Zimlandia.

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