Republic of the Old Trinity (EN)
República de la Vieja Trinidad (ES)
República de la Trinitat Vella (CA)

"República, Libertad, Justicia" (ES)
"República, Llibertat, Justícia" (CA)
(Republic, Freedom, Justice)
"Himno de Riego" (Anthem of Riego)
Old Trinity's claimed area in Barcelona, Spain
Capital city Old Trinity (city state)
Official language(s) Spanish and Catalan
Demonym Old Trinitian
Government Semipresidential Constitutional Parliamentary Republic
- President Luis Hidalgo
- Prime Minister Not chosen yet
Legislature Parliament (currently dissolved)
Established August 17, 2014
Area claimed 0.8 km²
Population 5
Currency Euro (€) EUR (de facto)
Time zone CET (UTC+1:00); CEST (UTC+2:00)
Internet Domain .es and .cat (de facto)

Official Website (in Spanish and Catalan)


The Republic of the Old Trinity was founded on 2014 by its current President, Luis Hidalgo. It is located in the Spanish municipality of Barcelona, more specifically in the neighborhood of Trinitat Vella (Catalan for Old Trinity). The claimed area limits are Besòs river, Meridiana Avenue, Ribes Road and Santa Coloma Promenade. The main objective of this Republic is to be part of a future Third Spanish Republic.


In 1413 the Chapel of the Trinity was built but it was burnt during the Peninsular War. In 1445 jurisdictional gallows of Barcelona were built, they consisted in three stones and some wood put on the top.

The Trinity was sparsely inhabited and with few countryhouses, vines were grown in the highest part of the area. Between 1952 and 1954, the vineyards disappeared to build apartment blocks and a prison was built in the highest point. A few years later, the expansion of new roads divided The Trinity into two neighborhoods: The New Trinity and The Old Trinity, separated by Meridiana Avenue.

The last urban change that has suffered this area was the construction of the Nus de la Trinitat (Trinity Knot), in 1992, place of confluence of the roads B-10 and B-20, these roads surround the city of Barcelona.

Since 25th January 2009, the prison is being demolished. Currently, there are only prisoners with day permit.

On 17th August 2014, the Republic of the Old Trinity was proclaimed as a sovereign micronation.

Government & Politics


Spanish republican flag street paintings in the Old Trinity.

The Old Trinity government claims the entire area of the neighborhood of Trinitat Vella, in Barcelona, Spain. But currently, controls only a small portion. The objective of this republic is to be integrated in a Spanish Third Republic, because the Spanish Civil War extinguished illegaly the Second Spanish Republic and it started the fascist dictatorship of Franco and the current Kingdom of Spain at Franco's death. The Kingdom of Spain was established because of the will of the fascist dictator, so the Republic of the Old Trinity doesn't recognize it as legal.

The President of the Old Trinity, Luis Hidalgo, approved a Constitution based on the Spanish 1931 Constitution.

The President and the Prime Minister

Section 53 of the Constitution: "The President of the Republic is the Head of State and personifies the Nation".

Section 57 of the Constitution: "The term of office of the President will last six years".

Section 72 of the Constitution: "The Prime Minister leads and represents the general policies of the Government. [...] The task of the Ministers is to lead and manage the public services assigned to different Ministries".

The current President of the Republic is Luis Hidalgo, its founder. There is no Prime Minister in the Old Trinity, because there is no enough citizens to form a Council of Ministers. The President is also the Head of the Government until more citizens register themselves in this micronation.

The Parliament

Section 38 of the Constitution: "The Parliament is composed by representatives chosen by universal, equal, direct and secret suffrage".

The Parliament of the Old Trinity is currently dissolved because there are not enough registered citizens at the moment.

International relations and recognition

If a macronation or micronation claims an area of any of the recognized nations by Old Trinity's government, will not be recognized. Click here to read about international treaties signed and ratified by the Government of the Republic of the Old Trinity. The current Government is working on the establishment of diplomatic relations with other Micronations especially in Europe.

Macronations and international organizations

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Not recognition
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Micronations and intermicronational organizations


Geography & Climate

Río Besòs

Besòs river is one of the limits of the claimed area.

Section 4 of the Constitution: "The capitality of the Republic, as it is considered a city-state it is the Old Trinity itself".

Section 8 of the Constitution: "The Old Trinity [...] is formed by the City of the Old Trinity only".

The claimed area is bounded by the Besòs river, formed by the confluence of Mogent and Congost rivers, it ends in the Mediterranean Sea. It was the most contaminated river in Europe during the 70s and the 80s, but since the 90s the river is in a recovery process and some wildlife species are returning. It has a typical Mediterranean irregular flow during the year. The Old Trinity has a Mediterranean climate with soft winters and hot summers.

Climate data for the Old Trinity. Elevation: 50m (164ft).
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 23.1
Average high °C (°F) 15.4
Average low °C (°F) 7.0
Record low °C (°F) 2.9
Precipitation mm (inches) 6
Source: Old Trinity's Climatology Agency, measured since 1st January 2015.


Three of the four registered inhabitants of the Republic are unemployed. And the 100% of the employed people work in the services sector.



The Constitution's Section 4 says that "Castilian and Catalan are the official languages of the Republic", but more languages are spoken on the claimed area due to immigration. Castilian is the name used in the Republic to refer to Spanish as the government considers Catalan one of the Spanish languages and to show respect to Castile as one of the Spanish nations.


The basic pattern of the flag is a quarterly.

  • The top left quarter is composed by a quarterly pattern itself, at the top left and the bottom right quarters, Saint George's Cross and at the top right and the bottom left, the flag of the Crown of Aragon. This quarter represents the location of the Republic in the city of Barcelona.
  • The top right quarter represents a saltire pattern, Saint Andrew's Cross, like in the flag of Scotland. This quarter represents that the territory of the Republic was located in the former municipality of Sant Andreu de Palomar.
  • The bottom left quarter has three fesses of different colour, from the top to the bottom: red, yellow and purple. This quarter represents the Second Spanish Republic flag and the objective of the Republic of the Old Trinity to merge in a future Third Spanish Republic.
  • The bottom right quarter has a yellow equilateral triangle pointing down in the centre of a cyan field. The triangle of this quarter represents the Shield of the Trinity.

Coat of Arms

The coat of arms of the Republic of the Old Trinity has a mural crown as a symbol of rejection to royal crown, and was also used in the Second Spanish Republic's coat of arms. As in the flag, the coat of arms is also divided in quarters, from the top left clockwise direction: the flag of Barcelona, Saint Andrew's Cross, the Shield of the Trinity and the flag of the Spanish Second Republic. The motto of the Republic is visible on the base of the escutcheon: República, Libertad, Justicia (Spanish for Republic, Freedom, Justice).