Republika Zaranska

"The life is beautiful, because one can travel"
"Jesenje Lisce"
Capital city Olva Sas
Largest city Olva Sas
Official language(s) Zaranski
Official religion(s) All
Demonym Zaranskan
Government Benign Dictatorship
Currency Dinar
Time zone GMT +2
National animal Fox


Republika Zaranska is situated on it the Tri-Border Point between Serbia, Hungary and Romania. It is stucked in 1991, reasoned by this is the fact that none of them the horrible things what have been happened since then have been happened.


This is all written down in The History Book, as written by polyglot Valery Khohotkin. In basic, Republika Zaranska is it the Successor State to it the Socialiszitcska Narodna Republika Zaranska, the previous incarnation which was suffered under Communism for nearly fifty years.


The President has the absolute pinnacle of power and as such the word of him is final in all aspects of everything. There is a government of ministers who the President meets with and discusses aspects of government and therefore makes it the decision of what to do. It is a benign dictatorship and all Citizens love very much Our Beautiful Country.

Branches of government

Ministry of Finance - minister Hicham Boughanem

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - minister Daniel Tucci

Ministry of Environment - minister Krisztina Ivan

Ministry of Culture - minister Adam Horvath

Ministry of Justice - minister Thanasis Assimakopoulos

Ministry of Health - minister Daniel Upton

Ministry of Sport - minister Federico Malacari

Foreign relations

Republika Zaranska is wishing to make diplomatic relations with other Micronations. Republika Zaranska hopes to make joining to International Treaties (EU, UN, etc). Republika Zaranska has Consulate in Luxembourg.


State owned Companys like ZATimpex, ZARpija, ZARaton, ZARmar, ZARcom, Elektrotekna and Furnitex are trying to get used to it the new Capitalist system but are wary of hostile takeover bids from the foreign companys and won't let it happen to be taken advantage and lose the character. New marketing ways are being found.


International Airport Olva Sas is basis for Zaranska Aero Transports "ZAT" national Airline flying to destinations worldwide, good safety record with not many accidents.

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Railway - You are never late with TZR, dead on time departures and arrivals!

Roads for cars, network includes Autobahn with destinations Pik Karabut, Zang


Licence Plate showing car registered to Olva Sas

Geography and Resources

Republika Zaranska is situated in the area of sufficient moistening.

Administrative Regions

Education and Healthcare


There is a rich musical heritage emnating from it the soul of it the nation, representing them the folkloric tradition there is her the singer Aliana Samarslina, and Refis Hericip. Aliana Samarslina was a living legend even when she was still alive. For the Party music there is group Hi-Fi Girls, and for the smooth sound Norbert Izlazovic. Polyglot Valery Khohotkin is himself the National Poet, he also wrote it The History Book.

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All languages are spoken here, the rights of them are guaranteed in the Consitution. All official annoucements are officially wrote in English but using them the certain grammatical constructions of our Native Tongue Zaranski, having its origins in the languages of the countrys surrounding the geographic situation point of Our Beautiful Country.