Respublika Svetlorussia

FlagFlag fdkCoat of ArmsNewgerbhdk

Hej, slavs!
Russia, Volgograd, Sanct-Peterburg
Capital city Peterburg
Official language(s) Russians
Official religion(s) A secular state

Prevail: Orthodoxy (pravoslavie)

Short name Svetlorussia
Demonym Fascist dictatorship, frankism. There is also a Parliament, which proposes legislation.
Government Multi-party system
- Chief (vojd') Nikita Burenin
Legislature Russian
- Type - Unicameral
Established February 20, 2015
Population ~25

Respublika Svetlorussia (русс. Республика Светлоруссия) - partially recognized state in Eastern Europe. Founded February 20, 2015 in the cities of Saint Petersburg (Saint Petersburg), Volgograd (Volgograd), as well as on the territory of the Volgograd region.

History Edit

Formation (Federacia Dvuh Kvartir(FDK)/Federation Of Two Apartments(FOTA)) Edit

The formation of the state began in 2011, but was called SCARS (the Union of Slavs Aryans Russes marmots). The project was prepared flag. Until 2014, there was a formation of state and Cabinet Ministers. The official languages were all languages of Slavic countries.

20 February 2015, it was decided, on the creation of a Federation of Two Apartments. That decision was made by the Minister for foreign Affairs - Gregory Nazarovym. As a result, the state became a Federation and it has added a new territory. The capital was St. Petersburg (and to be more precise the apartment in St. Petersburg).

In the evening of 20 February 2015 Nazarov proclaimed himself President, because of the absence of the Leader SCARS and began to form a Cabinet of Ministers and to bring the country out of a closed policy.

As on 20 February 2015 FDK announced the recognition of certain Micronase unilaterally.[1]

February 21, 2015 in the composition of FDK officially became Autonomous Bathroom(Republic of) Poland strong.

Also, on February 21, 2015 on the territory of FDK were allowed the following organizations:

•RNE (Russian National Unity)

•The KKK (Ku-Klux-Klan)[2]

March 17, 2015 the Kingdom of Westgrund declared their independence.Then President of FDK decided by the country in the Federation of the Two Apartments. The President was declared monarch of the Kingdom of Westgrund.[3]

In the composition of FSS(Federation Of Free Countries(FOFC)). Edit

May 12, 2015 Federation of Two Apartments became a Federal Republic of Two Apartments. President, Grigoriy Nazarov signed the agreement on the accession of FDK part of the Federation of Free States[4]. In the FSS RDFF had a wide autonomy, but on July 14, 2015 resigned from the FSS.[5]

"May coup". Edit

May 29, 2015 at 19:51 GMT Grigoriy Nazarov announced the appointment himself lifetime dictator RDFF[6]. The Parliament was dissolved.

The war with the Free Republic (Svobodnay Respublika). Edit

For one day (may 30) sun RDFF captured Free Republic set up a dictatorship Semen's Sembekov's.[7]

8 June 2015 the Commissariat Vlasovsk (Free Republic) had been annexed RDFF.[8]

The Republic Svetlorussia

After we had a Second Putsch, and Grigory Nazarov has officially announced a new Constitution, by which he officially became dictator and the autocratic ruler of the Republic. Also abolished the Federation. RDFF army were disbanded.[9]

The result of this coup was the beginning of the antiterrorist operation against the terrorists of the RDFF, the state created Micronationalism Politician, former captain of the Volunteer army RDFF.[10]

The armed conflict in the Republic of Svetlorussia. Edit

From 21 June to 21 September in the Republic of Svetlorussia was a political and military confrontation between RDFF (the opposition, does not recognize the Second Constitution) and the Government of the Republic of Svetlorussia.[10]

The conflict ended with the surrender of the RDFF and Stanislav Pokryshkin, leaving Alisa Krasnova from the negotiations.

Democratic reform Nazarova Edit

Parliamentary elections (2015) Edit


The official emblem of the Central Duma

Even during the conflict Nazarov expressed the point of view of mitigation of his regime. On September 22, the Government of Svetlorusov announced parliamentary elections.[11][12]

23 September 2015 parliamentary elections are held in the Central Duma of the Republic of Svetlorussia.[13] They, by a large margin, won the party Right Force.[13][14]

Political structure Edit

Republica Svetlorussia has its own Constitution. According to the Constitution the head of government and state - the Chief of Svetlorusov. May 29 - Nikita Burenin (Grigory Nazarov).

May 29, 2015 happened a coup, which changed the form of government to one-party dictatorship Grigory Nazarov. The putsch on July 21, cemented a new name and a constitutional dictatorship.

National characters Edit

Flag - the Flag of the Provisional government of the Federation adopted Two apartments February 20 2015. He is a tricolor of three equal bands of red, green and white.

Svetlorussia coat of arms - a black eagle with red beak and paws. On his chest he bears the flag of FDK.

Political parties Edit

Current Edit

The party of "Right Force" - right and far-right political party. Avlas the only legal party in Svetlorusov. 22 September left the ruling.

Democratic Alliance - the national democratic party, founded by Stanislav Pokryshkina in Svetlorusov.

Vivant Monarchia - conservative monarchists, the liberals, are in favour of the dualistic monarchy. Founded Alesya Dialects.

National working Party (RPP) - the national socialist party, founded by Dmitry Karpov.

National Conservative Party - conservative, esteticheskaya, social conservative, containing elements of socialism and fascism party. Founded By Stepan Tkach.[15]

Inactive, banned, etc Edit

The conservative party of FDK - the first party based at FDK and former SSARS. Main ideas: conservatism, fascism and Russian nationalism. Later merged with the party "Right Force".

See also Edit

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References Edit

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