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Rhine Republic of Arnhem
Flag of Rhine Republic of ArnhemRhine Republic of Arnhem coat of arms

"Our Micro-nation in a capital city of Gelderland!"
Our first and second colors
RRA Micronation
Arnhem (Gelderland), The Netherlands
Capital city Arnhem City
Largest city Vitdome
Official language(s) Dutch
Demonym The Arnhem Peoples
Government Dutch law
- Vice-President TBA
Legislature Parliament
Established 2014
Area claimed 1km²
Population -1
Currency Euro
Time zone CET + 1
National sport Soccer
National animal Eagle
This nation is a a member of the Example Organisation

Government website

The Rhine Republic of Arnhem was founded by the Dolmenian nation who are fans of Vitesse Arnhem, the Arnhem micronation then get even maybe announced in Arnhem, but they also often sports such as "soccer and few sports that can be found on the micronation city or terweil the sports center in real Papendal, as they do more and the capital city of Arnhem City Centre Arnhem but in reality it is more beautiful than ever, and the Rhine Republic of Arnhem remains a co-mer Dolmenia and Helsvenium and does everything well..


The Rhine Republic of Arnhem was on March 19, conquered in 2014 by the Dolmenian fans of Vitesse Arnhem, Dolmenia think it's good that they get a micronation in the capital of Gelderland, and few people Helsvenium also fans of Vitesse Arnhem, the micronation from Arnhem accept that, but it was still only Dutch speaking of Dolmenia and Helsvenium, and so that micronation of Arnhem was conquered by the Dutch speaking of Dolmenia and Helsvenium and thus arises the Rhine Republic of Arnhem

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Opponents (Enemies)Edit

  • SF Republic Doetinchem Farmers Republic of Doetinchem


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