The Riech of Rhineland

Unter dem Doppeladler
England & Germany
Capital city Zimmereich
Largest city Zimmereich
Official language(s) German & English
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Reichlandish
Government Absolute Monarchy
- König Sebastian I
- Head Advisor Edward
Legislature Absolute Monarchy Royal Advisors
Established 14/08/2012
Currency Rhinemark
National drink Whiskey
National animal Eagle
Patron saint St. Arnold

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The Reich of Rhineland is a Absolute Monarchy with claims in England & Germany. The Reich obeys the Montevideo Convention of the international law and is a 5th world nation. The Reich was created after the dissoulution of Walbania. Rhineland is also in the middle of diplomatic talks to enroll the August Contingency into its Reich.


Rhineland was created on the 14th of August 2012 after the dissoulution of Walbania. It has since flourished as a nation consisting of two Bedrooms and a territory in Germany. Rhineland was named after the German province where one of the Reich's claims are located aswell as there being German Heritage within the Reich of Rhineland. As well as modern history Rhineland's past goes back a far way. With the Saxons inhabiting Britain there was a first sign of the German heritage within Rhineland. Near a site of a critical battle in the English Civil War as well as being nearly an invasion ground in the 1940's Rhineland's territories saw both British and German troops in WW2 and WW1. Then the spilt of West and East Germany, the Deutsche Democratic Republic and the Bundesrepublik Deutschland with the Democracy on one side and the Communists on the other. War was avoided and after a period of seperation Germany was finally united and Rhineland's territory was no longer seperated from its brothers.

Allies and Friends of Rhineland

Cärrum & the Saxon Empire