The Richardtopian Civil war was a conflict Between the Richardtopian Empire And rebel forces of what is now the Celestial Space republic . The Conflict was Fought from September 2nd to September 5th when a peace treaty was signed which resulted with the end of the war and an alliance with the Celestial space republic

leading up to war

Prince Joseph, the brother of the emperor had for a while wanted to create his own nation. When the Emperor heard of the idea he was against it entirely. Eventually Joseph became fed up with the fact That The Emperor held the most power and resigned his position renouncing The Empire.

Civil war

On September 2nd Prince Joseph declared his nation independent of Richardtopia. With the declaration Richard ordered the First Richardtopian SAS to take over the rebel base of operations, The ensuing battle resulted in the SAS being forced back. After that Richard Contacted Joseph and agreed to wage battle with Warhammer total war. the ensuing 3 battles resulted in a Richardtopian Victory while the last one ended with The Rebels gaining independence. Later that day Richardtopia allied with The Celestial Space republic and the war ended with no animosity between the nations.

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