Richardtopian flag

The Richardtopian flag

Great coat of arms of Richardotopia proposal by PierreFin-d9v4qa0

The Great Coat Of Arms Of Richardtopia

Full Name: The Glorious Empire OF Richardopia
Motto: Be Prepared
Currency: USD British Pound Richardtopian Dollar
Date Of Founding: 4/19/16
Government Monarchy / Empire
Language: English and Elvish
Time Zone Of Capital: Pst
Capital:Richardland ( Conagapark_)-------------------- Claims: Southern half of the US East Coast parts of Canada And the entirety of England along with parts of Antarctica And the Southern Hemisphere of pluto
Official movie series: Star wars India Jones And Jurassic park

                            Disbanded Do not edit any more

Richardtopia is a Constitutional Monarchy Founded on 4/19/2016 By Emperor Richard the Great it is based off of a mix between the United States Of America and Great Britain. Richardtopia is a democratic nation holding elections for Prime Minister, Vice Minister,governor of province and other roles. The Richardtopian military consists of an Army,Navy,Marines,Coast Guard and Air Force.


Richardtopia was founded on 4/19/2016 By Emperor Richard The Glorious ruler and founder of Richardtopia. Every since Richard saw a show mention Sealand he was fascinated by micro nations, after that he learned about Aerica which finally convinced him to create one. On 5/16/16 Richardtopia lost 2/3 of its empire for an alliance but I can expand at any time. On 5/19/16 Richardtopia ended its anti-communist union. On 6/1/16 Prime Minister Joseph resigned the position so he could create his own nation. Elections for Prime Minister will be held on the 30 of June. On July 5th Richardtopia joined the commonwealth of Thule. On 8/9/16 due to the inactiveness of Lord Theo Lord Maxwell was made prime Minister. 12/27/16 the Empire formally disbands


The Richardtopian empires Military is led by the Army and Supported the Navy, Marines, And Air force. The coast guard exists only to protect against drugs entering the nation. The Military fields an impressive arsenal of nerf guns and a couple Airsoft guns. Richardtopia wages online war through age of empires 3 minecraft warthunder and even star wars empire at war, Richardtopia also wages war through board games such as axis and allies and moral conflict Commanders: Army Emperor Richard Rank General of Armies Air Force Prince Joseph General of Air Force. The Elite Unit of the Richardtopian empire unit is the Stormtrooper corps


The Royalty of the empire is Decided by the Emperor

Emperor Richard: the ruler of the empire and as such should be well respected.

Prince Joseph: Brother of the emperor and prime minister and takes care of the air Force helped found the empire and should be well respected

Princess Samantha: a good Friend of the emperor and Vice Prime minister and should be well respected


Lord Aaron Thomas Head of espionage

Lord Theo Robinson

Lady Jaydon

Lord Maxwell

Government members

Emperor Richard: Head of state
Prime Minister: Lord Maxwell 
Vice Prime: to be decided 
Head of diplomacy Jaydon 


Richartopia's culture is a Mix of England And The U.S. The Royalty is based of England while the government off the USA the Army Coast Guard and Police off the US Navy Air Force off England and Marines as a mix. The National toys is a The Toy Soldier and the Lego. The Nation Allows All peoples and race. The Official Religion is Christianity. The Official language's are English and Elvish. Richardtopia also has some interesting customs and traditions such as Star wars being called the greatest movies of time. In Richardtopia if you don't know anything about star wars you must be learn before becoming a citizen. All Richardtopian Citizens must also Know what Wookiepedia the star wars wiki is. Star wars is so important to the Empire that a vote in the ruling council will decide If a star wars ship will be added to the Richardtopian flag. Due to Star wars there all founding military units exempt guardsmen will have star wars names There is even a storm trooper corps for elite units.

Royal Traditions

The Royalty Is Lead By Emperor Richard who decrees New Royalty. The Only other Way to become Royalty is by Marriage or by birth. The Royal Guards Know As The Life Guards use their ceremonial Short sword to Guard the Royalty.


The Richardtopian Empire Claims Yorkshire, Nova Scotia, and the Southern US States.
Second Richardtopian Empire

The Reformed Richardtopia empire


Richardtopia currently recognizes the following nations:

 Empire of Everland
Democratia of New Starland
Faroe Islands
Republic of the Old Trinity
empire Fiumea

Richardtopia has alliances with these nations: Faroe Islands

State Projects

The Richardtopian government currently runs several state projects however only one is publicly available.


KataOS is a Operation System developed by the Richartopian government and Theo Robinson. KataOS is free to use but modification is strictly prohibited , all servers for KataOS are state run. The operating system is build upon OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 and KDE Desktop Environment. The Alpha release will have KDE 4 but it is planned to introduce KDE Plasma 5. When KataOS is fully released an appstore and desktop services can be developed by anyone certified by the Richardtopian government.

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