The Richardtopian Military is more of a concept than a reality but still is used by the Richardtopian government as a means of defence. The Richardtopian military is here to defend the borders of Richardtopian territory and its allies. Since an actual war involves killing and many illegal things Richardtopia would propose to conduct battles on the PC video game 'Battlefield 4' call of duty black ops and games like empire total war.along with the game conquer club.


The 5 branches of the richardtopian military are led by the army supported by first the navy and marines along with the air force and coast guard. There is a joint high command and a joint spec ops command for unforcene predictiments.


The richardtopian military is led by the army which is the largest branch with the most funding and members. The richardtopian army is led by these comanders: emperor Richard: general of armies overall commander of the army and the millatary. Lord Theo Robinson: commander of engineers.

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