Technological Micronation of Riland

Inside Burton, Texas
Capital city Capital District
Largest city Capital District
Official language(s) English
Short name Riland
Government Constitution
Legislature Legislature Department
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 2 per District
- Last election - November 7, 2014
Established November 7, 2014
Area claimed 15 Acres
Population 1
Currency Ricoin
Time zone U.S. Central Time

Website coming soon

Riland, officially the Technological Micronation of Riland is a self-proclaimed micronation that was founded on November 7, 2014‎ by the Riland Legislature Department.


The word Riland actually comes from Zeb McCorkle, one of the legislators and the original writer of the Constitution, looking at an American English dictionary, taking the first few letters of a random word, and throwing them in front of "land."


Riland was declared an independent sovereign nation in 2014 by the Riland Legislation Department because of a hatred of how slowly the United States accepts laws. Zeb McCorkle donated 15 acres of land to the first District.

Government & Politics

Riland's constitutional government resembles a technocracy.

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