River Republic
3437594 orig

"Semper Vestibulum"
Eye of The Tiger
Boise, Idaho
Capital city Republic Island
Largest city Republic Island
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Riverian
Government Federal Republic
- Vice-President Lucas Carlson
- President William Hall
Legislature Nationals
Established 2014
Area claimed 0.1km²
Population 14
Currency USD
Time zone MST
National sport NASCAR
National drink Dr. Pepper
National animal Eagle
Patron saint St. Willyberg
Internet Domain
This is a stable government. Do not expect changes.


The River Republic was founded on March 31st, 2014.


The name River Republic, comes from the four islands along the river, which spread a total of .1 mile on the Boise River. The word Republic comes from our political founding.


After Willyberg's downfall, the president, William Hall, VP Lucas Carlson, and their loyal stick, headed down the river to find a new home. They came across the island and are gathering colonists now. Hurray! The military is being restructured to fit the island and refitted for riot control. By July, the island is expected to be fully colonized.

Government & PoliticsEdit

The government is very simple. The president is elected by everyone, every two years, along with his VP. Everyone who works for the government or a gov't. sanction is on a board called the Nationals. They serve a purpose, like the congress. If a citizen has a problem, he goes directly a National, who will bring up the issue in a weekly meeting. In actuality, the Nations have more power then the president. He has to go directly to the Nationals for any issue, or law trying to be passed. Nationals are the leaders of each island, replaced every 5 years.

Law & OrderEdit

The Law keeping in the River Republic is done entirely by the DoD, who patrols the nation's water and countryside, looking for troublemakers. They have a rehabilitation program for any who need it, after a violent/nonviolent crime. Citizens have the right to arrest any who is clearly violating a law. However, two or more people must witness it, and actual evidence shall be acquired.

Foreign RelationsEdit

As a new nation, River Republic has not opened relations with other nations, though River Republic will show hospitality to any, communism, or the mention of it, is highly shunned upon here. Only democratic, capitalist nations will be allowed to foreign relations. River Republic has a trade embargo on all communist micro-nations.


Our Military has undergone very many changes, after the Civil War. Our military went from peaceful stick wielders to pellet gun, riot gear, gas mask, murderers. A Pontoon boat is in possession of the military, for infantry landings and exiling.

Geography & ClimateEdit

Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 6.08.13 PM

Map of the Islands.



Record High- 100F

Record Low- 75F

Rainfall- 6-8In.

Humidity: Low


Record High- 35F

Record Low- 0F

Rainfall: 6-10In.

Humidity: Low-Mod.


The River Republic is flat, because it's an island, obviously, yet there are hills on Republic Island.


The economy is based almost entirely based off of tourism. Floaters from the Boise River, will often stop along the way, for refreshment, relaxation, and novelties. A bridge is under construction.

Culture Edit

Our culture, while westernized, also has hints of Southeast Asian flare, with Polynesian ideals as well. The island is partially aimed to giving westerners a feel of the South Pacific, and allowing for a safe, happy environment.


While there is no media services, the RR government operates a North-South telegraph line, a government sanction called Great Northern Telegraph Services (GNTS). There is a north station on Elmdale, and the southernmost station on Thelander Point, Republic Island.

External LinksEdit

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