RizaliaBall, officially the Republic of New Rizalia, is a micro-countryball with clay in North America and Southeast Asia.

Personality and Traits

Rizaliaball is similar to Philippinesball. Rizaliaball is known for being loyal, very polite, hospitable, friendly, hardworking, patriotic, and a true ally. He likes history and traditions and he would like to preserve them. Like Philippinesball, he has a mentality where they get proud in even the littlest recognition because they love their country.




  • Philippines-ballPhilippinesball - Ang tatay ko (My dad), he gibs all the sisig and adobo but he doesnt gib independence >:(
  • Highlandball Highlandball - My mom who smells like oranges.
  • EsmeraldaballEsmeraldaball - My little sister, I gib supplies and rice to her.


  • NewYankeeBallYankeeBall - One of my oldest and closest friends, he's a good guy even though he might shoot me with his tank
  • Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 11.20.07 PM-0 Flarioball - My fellow Pilipino friend, I gib him the plans to making rockets.
  • VlasyniaBall New VlasyniaBall - An old ally, I had diplomacy with him before he was established how does that even work.
  • EganbanananaEganBanana - An old ally and unusual banana if he changes government again i swear