His Majesty King Robert I
King of Talossa
Real Name: Robert Ben Madison
Reign: 1979-2005
Date of Birth July 6, 1965
Place of Birth: Milwaukee
Coronation: December 26, 1979
Predecessor: Kingdom Founded
Successor: King Louis I

Robert Ben Madison (born Milwaukee, Wisconsin, July 6, 1965), also known as King Robert the First of Talossa, was the founder and first ruling monarch of the Kingdom of Talossa (with two brief interruptions) from its creation on the 26th of December 1979, until the 16th of August 2005, when his wife's grandchild succeeded him as King Louis I of Talossa.

Madison is known in micronational world not only for the foundation of Talossa, but also for claiming to have coined the term "micronation" and for founding of the League of Secessionist States in 1980, in which he was Secretary-General from its founding until 1983, when he was succeeded by Nathan Freeburg.


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