Robinscourt Territory is one of the two constituent territories of Leylandiistan (the other is the Cubbyhole Territory). It has 2 citizens and one foreign national in residence. 

Robinscourt Territory
[[Image:Robinscourt Territory Regional Flag|250px]]
Languages spoken English, Gaeilge.
Date founded 03 November, 2012.
Population 3
Demonym Leylandii
Governor Rory Craig


Robinscourt Territory was founded on the day of Leylandiistan's birth: 03 November 2012. It incorporates the property of Vice-President Rory Craig and the nearby fields, known as the 'Great Plains' . There is one main town in the Robinscourt Territory known as Maple Hill due to the Japanese Maple tree growing nearby. The main road of the territory is known as St. Gertrude's Street (named after the patron saint of Leylandiistan). Nearby is the O'Sullivan Industrial Estate where Government Offices and the headquarters of LeylandiiCell Telecom are located. Robinscourt Territory is also home to the National Concert Hall. Unfortunately there have been no public performances as of yet. The National Gardens of Leylandiistan are also located on the outskirts of the territory. They are home to a beautiful array of flora, including the Oriental Plum Tree, Daffodil and Fuchsia, amongst others.

Notable People

  • Vice President Rory Craig resides in his home outside of Maple Hill in Robinscourt Territory. He does most of his Micronational work in the nearby Government Offices, where there is an IT department.
  • Cllr. Ursula O'Sullivan MNA, mother of Vice-President Crag, also resides in the Robinscourt Territory. She works in an adjoining computer area to her home, and is also known for maintaining the National Gardens.