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Republic of Robinsville

"We are from freedom and peace."
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Capital city Fallbush
Largest city Fallbush
Official language(s) English, Français
Official religion(s) None
Demonym Rovillian
Government Republic
- Prime Minister Matthew Zinger
- Leader Liam Robins
Legislature Everyone
Established May 19, 2014
Area claimed 0.5 km²
Population 4
Currency $RVD
Time zone UTC -05:00 (Eastern time)
National sport Hockey
National animal Cat
Internet Domain None
This micronation gets all of its supplys from canada


The Republic of Robinsville was founded on May 19th, 2014

Etymology Edit

The name has came from the leaders last name Robins and then the ville was added.


First the flag was created and then the micronation was born, hours after the birth the laws were created then soon enough currency.

Government & PoliticsEdit

The leader of Robinsville is named Liam Robins and the Head Of State is done by an election

Law & OrderEdit


  • Freedom of speech.
  • No Animal abuse.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Really close relations with Allen-Fritz like may use same currency, and of our citizens may live, work and retire in the other, Co-operative goverments and more!


This Micronation has 2 members of the Milatary with no weapons or tools and no Airforce or Navy

La Micronation a deux militaires sans armes et sans outils. Elle est aussi sans Armée de l'air et sans Marine.

Geography & ClimateEdit

Robinsville is not only bordered with Canada but another Micronation (That is not on this site and is not official) named Allen-Fritz.


The Currency is the Robinsville Dollar (RVD) and it has only printed $2,372 at the moment. We have made no Imports or Exports yet.


All cultural ties between Canada and Robinsville are close. Our citizens go to Canada for their education and our official language is English and some French.

Les liens de culture entre le Canada et Robinsville sont étroits. Nos citoyens vont au Canada pour leur éducation et nos langues officielles sont l'anglais, et le français dans une moindre mesure.


We have no official media.

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