The Royal Arms of Salazar is the Arms of the Monarchy of Salazar and the official Coat of Arms of the Sovereign Military Order of Salazar.
Escudosalazar small

Arms of Salazar

The Coat of Arms and the Surname

The surname of SALAZAR is a Spanish and Portuguese habitation name, originally of Basque origin. In some cases the name may have derived from a place so named in the province of Burgos. It was also a Portuguese habitation name from a Germanic personal name of uncertain origin. It has been in Portugal since the 17th century in honor of St. Francis of Sales (1567-1622) who was born at the Chateau de Sales in Savoy.

The Coat shows 13 golden stars on a red field. The 13 stars symbolize the Biblical 12 Tribes of Israel plus the People of Salazar.

It was adopted in 2008 as the official emblem of the Sovereign Military Order of Salazar.

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