Royal Co-Principality of Zimlandia (English) Reĝa Duobla Princlando de Zimlandio (Esperanto)

The Flag of the Royal Co-Principality of Zimlandia2The Coat of Arms of the Royal Co-Principality of Zimlandia 1500

Per Deum Totalitas
Capital city Zimberg
Largest city Salt Lake City
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Roman Catholicism
Short name Zimlandia
Demonym Zimlandian
Government Semi-Constitutional Diarcy
- Diarchs Prince Eric I of Eastlandia and Prince William I of Westlandia
Legislature The Council of Lord Electors
- Type - Advisory
- Number of seats - 6
- Last election - April 6, 2015
Established November 29, 2014
Area claimed 184,427 Square Miles
Population 19 (Over 3 Million Cives Ex Patria (Undocumented Citizens))
Currency Zimlandian Crown
National sport Baseball
National dish Mac and Cheese
National drink Chocolate Milk
National animal Lion and Dove
Patron saint Saint Thomas More

The Royal Co Principality of Zimlandia, more commonly referred to as Zimlandia, is a diarchichal principality found in the western "United States." It's capital is Zimberg, which houses the Royal Palace. It was created in 2014 and remains strong. It was created after the collapse of the Republic of Zimlandia. The collapse lead to a political reform into the current diarchy.


Republican History

Main Article: Republic of Zimlandia

The Zimlandia of today was preceded by the Republic of Zimlandia. The Republic was founded by the current princes as an effort to establish a Zimlandian state on March 9, 2014.

The mission was largely successful outside of one thing. The grandfather of the two leaders was rebellious and quickly tried to establish himself as sole leader. As he was the leader of the military, it quickly sent the nation into a state of emergency. Within days, the Republic was dissolved.

Flag of the Republic of Zimlandia

Early Diarcy History

As sad and regressive as this was, William and Eric continued to find ways to re-establish the nation. They worked to rebuild the support for such a nation.

Beginning in November of 2014, the brothers began to write the constitution of the nation. On the Twenty-Ninth of November, it was finally declared an independent country.

Recent History

In recent months, the principality has expanded to include more than triple the initial number of citizens. The rapid growth has lead to an increase in legislative actions by the princes and renewed to drive to further develop their culture. Most recently, official portraits of the princes have been commissioned and created through the app Brush Strokes. Furthermore, the mint has officially begun printing the first series of currency.

On May 1, 2015, Prince Eric I stepped down from his position as Lord Elector after officially resigning from the Zimlandian National Congress. Furthermore, the ZNC has yet to appoint a new Lord Elector to fill the seat.

Government System


The Executive is run by the Princes of Zimlandia.  They must agree on the actions of the government and the appointment of ministers.  Ministers must report to the Princes and follow their directions.  Ministries include: the Ministry of Economics, the Ministry of Foreign Services and the Ministry of Finance and Revenue.


The Legislature is run by the Princes of Zimlandia.  Both the Prince of Eastlandia and the Prince of Westlandia are empowered to write and propose Royal Decrees to the other.  Both Princes must agree upon a bill to enact it in the Co-Principality.  These Decrees must be not conflict with the Constitution.

Furthermore, there exists a Council of Lord Electors.  Elected from the people, the Council may enact Popular Decrees.  These Decrees are advisory, and the Executive is not required to follow them.  Two Lord Electors are appointed from amongst the general populace.  One Lord Elector is elected from the people of the Royal Territories.


There are only criminal and civil courts. The lack of constitutional courts has drawn criticism from some citizens. Prince Eric has promised to make a move to establish some sort of constitutional court.


Main Article: Zimlandian Armed Forces

Flag of the armed forces


Uniform of the First Royal Rifles

Land Forces

The Armed Forces are lead by the Minister of War, Prince William I. The Zimlandian Armed Forces are currently composed of two regiments. One regiment is called the First Royal Rifles. The First Royal Rifles are lead by General Robertson. The second regiment, the Royal Guard, who act as a homeland defense, are lead by Prince Eric I.


Uniform of the Royal Guards

Other Forces

There are currently no other military forces. The Princes have expressed interest in expanding the branches, however.


Zimlandian politics are spread among several parties. The most popular party, the Zimlandian National Congress was created through the merger of the United Christian Party and the Protectionist Liberation Party. The ZNC has a center-left view of economics and a center view of social issues.

Secondary parties include: the Liberal Party, the Awesome Party, and the North Korea Party, and the Labor Party of Zimlandia. The North Korea Party is in no way connected to the princes, but instead was created by a fringe citizen named Ryan.


Current Zimlandian Parties

Citizens can get updates from the government at (link at bottom of info box).

Council of Lord Electors

The council is currently made up of 2 members from the Liberal Party, 2 members from the ZNC, and 1 member from the LPZ. The last election was held on May 6, 2015 after the referendum that followed the approval of the Governmental Reformation Act. The NKP was demolished, losing its majority in the Royal Territories. They will have to do some major reevaluation if they want to make it unto the Council of Lord Electors again. The race resulted in a Liberal Party upset, forcing them into equal footing with the ZNC. With 4 votes needed to approve a Popular Decree, the ZNC and Liberal Party will have to work together, an event that is unlikely to occur considering their opposing views. This potential gridlock is an unfortunate omen for voices of liberalization in the nation. Leadership will fall once again solely on the shoulders of the Princes, leading to more and more evidence of the strength of strong central authorities.

Lord Elector Term Terms Served Party
Prince William I 5/6/2015- 2 ZNC
Grant F. 5/6/2015- 1 ZNC
Prince Eric I 5/6/2015- 2 LPZ
Linda Z. 5/6/2015 1 LP
Duke R. 5/6/2015 1 LP
Runoff in Progress N/A N/A N/A


Both Princes are Knight Commanders in the Order of Saint Peter's Cross (Zimlandia) and Commanders First Class in Order of Saturn (Mimas).

Prince of Eastlandia

Prince of Eastlandia
The Coat of Arms of the Prince of Eastlandia
The Coat of Arms of the Prince of Eastlandia
Prince Eric I

since November 29, 2014
Style His Royal Highness
Residence Palace of Eastlandia
Term length Life
First holder Prince Eric I
Succession Appointed by current holder of the title

The Prince of Eastlandia is one of the two princes. The Principality of Eastlandia is titular. The holder of the title is also Duke of Queenstead and Duke of Hearthshire, which are also titular. The current Prince of Eastlandia appoints his or her successor.

His full title is : "By The Grace of God, His Royal Highness Prince Eric I of Eastlandia, Prince of Zimlandia, Duke of Queenstead, Duke of Hearthshire, Lord Commander of the Royal Guard, Royal Steward of Zimlandia, Minister of Foreign Services, and Minister of Internal Affiars"

Prince of Westlandia

Prince of Westlandia of Royal Co-Principality of Zimlandia
The Coat of Arms of the Prince of Westlandia
The Coat of Arms of the Prince of Westlandia
Prince William I

since November 29, 2014
Style His Royal Highness
Residence Palace of Westlandia
Term length Life
First holder Prince William I
Succession Appointed by current holder of the title

The Prince of Westlandia is the other prince. The Principality of Westlandia is also titular. The Prince of Westlandia is also the Duke of Goldenview and the Duke of Whitemont.

His full title is : "By the Grace of God, His Royal Highness Prince William I of Westlandia, Prince of Zimlandia, Duke of Whitemont, Duke of Goldenview, Lord Elector of Zimlandia, Lord Seneschal of Zimlandia, Minister of Economics, and Minister of War"


The Zimlandian currency is called the Crown. The Crown is pegged to the value of Ancient Warfare magazine. One Ancient Warfare magazine is worth five Crowns. The Crown is backed up by the Royal Vault of Ancient Warfare magazines.


Ancient Warfare Magazine, to which the Crown is pegged. Highly recommended.

Diplomatic Relations


Country Status
Topherian Empire
Allies, Recognizing
Holy Gearlist Flag
Theocratic Unitary States of Holy Gearlist
Defensive Pact, Strong Allies Bound By Written Treaty, Recognizing
Archduchy of Mimas
Defensive Pact, Strong Allies Bound By Written Treaty, Recognizing
Unironic empire
Unironic Empire
Allies, Recognizing

The principality is open to any diplomatic contact. If you are a head of state or a diplomatic official please contact us via the Zimlandia_Official Wikia account.  Additionally you can email us at