Royal Cockatielian Military
Founded August 27, 2011
Service branches Royal Cockatielian Army

Royal Cockatielian Navy
Royal Cockatielian Marines

Headquarters Cockatielville, CW
President (Head of Military) Anthony Smith
Vice President (Minister of Military) Dale Anderson
Commander of Military Collin Richardson
The Royal Cockatielian Military is the Military of the Cockatiel Empire and its claimed territories. It consists of the Royal Cockatielian Army, Royal Cockatielian Navy, and the Royal Cockatielian Marines. The Royal Cockatielian Military was formed on August 27, 2011 when the nation was founded. The RCM will recruit anybody from the ages 15-49 regardless of race, religion, gender etc. The RCM is headquartered in Cockatielville.

Joining the Military

Once 15, citizens of the Cockatiel Empire will enter a draft in case the nation is at war. Anybody 15-49 can join or be recruited in the army. To join, citizens will have to fill out a form and send it to the Royal Cockatielian Military headquarters. Recruiters will first have to go to boot camp. Boot camp for the Royal Cockatielian Army and the Royal Cockatielian Navy lasts about 5 weeks. Boot camp for the Royal Cockatielian Marines lasts about 8 weeks. After Boot Camp is over, the recruiters will have to say the Cockatiel Empire Military Oath that states:

"I (name here) do solomly swear that I will protect and defend the citizens of the Cockatiel Empire."