Royal Dale Navy Air Fleet

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Royal Dale Navy Air Fleet
Founded 9th June 2011
Country The Kingdom Of The Dale Empire
Size 0 Aircraft
Part of

Dale Empire Armed Forces

  • CMS Goldsworth
  • CMS Dale
Motto Nowhere Is Safe Now
March None
Commander in Chief King Danny Clarke I
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Aircraft flown
Attack None
Transport None
Reconnaissance None
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the royal dale navy air fleet is the commanding body of all aircraft and helicopters on board any and all ships of the royal dale navy and is true evidence of the connection between the royal dale air force and the royal dale navy.

First Aircraft

because of some economic problems in the dale empire there is no rc air fleet for the carriers but the royal family is very hopeful to get an aircraft for the fleet as having nearly two-three carriers and no aircraft is a tad of an embaressment for the nation a bit like britain having a carrier and no harriers that sort of thing.

Current Carriers

Goldsworth Class

CMS Goldsworth (Helicopter Carrier)

Actually being a prototype and awaiting its own refit to make its flight deck water proof. on the 13th June 2010 it was released by the royal dale family that king danny clarke I it became a consideration for a front section could be added to CMS Goldsworth to make it the same length as its sister ships. however on the 20th June 2011 king clarke released that this plan would be scrapped because of cost and it was deemed unnecessary for the carrier to be upgraded if is not needed


  • First Helicopter Carrier
  • First of Class

CMS Dale (Helicopter Carrier)

larger than its sister ship CMS Goldsworth and Flagship of the Royal Dale Navy but not right now because of its refit. due to a leak caused during a test of how well it flots for its size. this was fixed after the entire rear section of the vessel was scrapped and rebuilt.

  • Flagship

Future Carriers


Past Carriers


Cancelled Carriers

CMS King Clarke (Helicopter Carrier)

the same size as CMS Dale, CMS King Clarke is named after the current king of the dale empire and is expected to be the same as shape, capability and apperance as CMS Dale. however on the 19th june 2011 it was reveled that the construction of CMS King Clarke would be cancelled because the vessel was seen as useless unless or until the Royal Dale Navy the navy had a well planded air fleet with surplus to make use of the vessel.

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