Royal Kingdom Of Octavia
The Royal Kingdom Of Octavia
National Flag
Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 2.03.29 AM
Coat Of Arms

"One Nation ! One Ideal !"
Rule Octavia !
Octavian City, South Korea
Capital city Octavian City
Largest city Octavian City
Official language(s) English,Korean
Official religion(s) Protestant
- Prime Minister Not yet decided
- King Minwoo Kang (King Kang i)
Legislature Senate
Established October 14, 2014‎
Area claimed 10km²
Population 10
Currency U.S Dollors,Korean Won
National sport Rifling
National animal Tiger
Internet Domain .ex (proposed)
This nation is a a member of the Example Organisation

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Octavia officially the Royal Kingdom of Octavia is a self-proclaimed micronation that was founded on October 14, 2014‎ by King Kang i.


The Term "Octavia" was named after the Roman Emperor "Octavian Augustus" after being inspired of his great work on strong military and stable government.


The Kingdom was established in Oct 14th 2014 by King Kang i and the government is currently developping.

Government & Politics

The Royal Kingdom Of Octavia's government is a constitutional Monarchy ruled by The Kang Family.

The King (King Kang i) can control everything in the government but some issues will need to be advised by senate before being passed.

Law & Order

In process of being passed will be added soon.

Foreign Relations

The Royal Kingdom just got it's first alliance with "The Principality Of Waydina" & "Kingdom of Argatha".


The Kingdom only has a small military since the nation was just born but it will improve by time.

Royal Navy Flag

Royal Kindom's Navy Flag

Geography & Climate

The country has all four seasons and the climates are mostly constant.


Will be added soon.


The Royal Kingdom Of Octavia don't really exclude any cultures around the world we accept all the cultures around the world so we can promote harmony between all cultures.


Will be added soon.

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