Palladio Royal Coat of Arms

Populus enim regnum
Capital city Palladio City
Demonym Palladian
Population 978

Royal Family

The Royal Family is made up of King Georgio and his consort Queen Penelope, together they have four children. The eldest child Helena is heir presumptive to her fathers throne upon his death. The Royal Family live together at Palladio Palace in the heart of the Capital City. It is rumored they are worth up to $2,000,000,000 with most of their assets in commodities and real estate within Palladio.

Government and Politics

The Royal Family hold all the power in Palladio. They possess executive, legislative and judicial power within the nation. The King is also the Prime Minister and appoints his own Cabinet to advise him on new policies and laws, most laws are created by Royal Decree. Palladio is an absolute monarchy and there has been allegations of corruption from critics of the Royal Family. The lines between public assets and their own are often blurred. Palladio does currently have a military force and remain strictly neutral. Although plans have been put in place for a territorial army to respond to incidents of national security within the nations borders, this is expected to be implemented in late 2016/early 2017.

Executive Branch

At Present, 26 appointed cabinet members draft new laws created from requests from individual citizens and referendums on different topics regarding the nation. In order to become law the ruling monarch must agree and sign the new legislation into law, the sovereign has no obligation to do so and very few times has the monarch signed new bills.

Judicial Branch


Flag of Palladio

They legal system in Palladio is rather complicated and is based on Palladio custom and law largely decided by the monarch. The courts are held in the palace with the King hearing all evidence and then deciding a verdict and punishment. Many have said that this is an incredibly unfair system with the most recent conviction being for a young man stealing an apple from an orchard, then getting his hands cut off as a punishment.

Administrative Divisions

For local administration Palladio is divided into Four regions (Ashga, Polias, Mars, Palladio) each administrator is appointed by the king. Each administrator reports only to the King.


One of Palladio's main sources of income is tourism. Each year many foreigners are attracted to its casino (where citizens are denied entry) and pleasant climate. It has also become a major banking center, holding over €100 billion worth of funds.


Palladio has an opera house, an orchestra and a ballet company.


Each year the king opens the palace for a huge new years eve party with a invitation fee of $25,000.