The Royal Zealandia Constabulary or RZC (Maori:Ngā Pirihimana o kingitanga o Zealandia) is the Law Enforcement Agency of The Kingdom of Zealandia. It is responsible for enforcing criminal law, ensuring public safety, maintaining order and keeping the peace within The Kingdom of Zealandia.

Royal Zealandia Constabulary

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Working together for a safer kingdom

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Founded March 2 2010
Headquarters Denton Province Kingdom of Zealandia
General nature Law enforcement
Civilian police
Home Minister Rt. Hon. Air Marshall Jayson King MHC
Chief Constable HM King Anthony

Provincal Policing Divisions (PPD) (Uniform)

Criminal Investigation Department (CID) (Detectives)

Office of the Chief Constable (OCC)

General information
Jurisdiction Home Ministry
Standard weapon Baton


The RZC was established on March 2 2010 as the sole law enforcement agency of the Kingdom of Zealandia.

The then Home Minister Socks Fowler made a ruling that the RZC was to be a unarmed police service much like New Zealand Police or The Metropolitan Police Service

His Majesty King Anthony was appointed as the First Chief Constable on March 2 2010.

On July 16 2010 HM King Anthony announced that a review into the RZC and The Customs and Borders Police Service regatding operational areas and functions of said forces.


in decending order:

  • Chief Constable
  • Deputy Chief Constable
  • Chief Superintendent (DCS)
  • Superintendent (DSU)
  • Chief Inspector (DCI)
  • Inspector (DI)
  • Sergeant (DS)
  • Police Constable (DC)

Note: Detective is a prefix not a rank eg: if a detective transfers to a uniform unit they will lose the Detective or D prefix or A Detective Constable Has the same powers as a uniformed Police Constable.


The RZC divides its operational area into divisions which in turn report to one of regions there are currently two regions:East and West Each region is commanded by a Chief Superintendent Divisions are commanded by a Superintendent.

A division had its own Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officers, who handled all investigations except very specialist operations and serious crimes such as murder, for which experienced specialist officers from headquarters were called in.


The Royal Zealandia Constabulary's duties include:

  • Maintaining and restoring law and order:
    • Crowd control
    • Policing
    • Counter-terrorism activities
  • Pursuing and apprehending fugitives
  • Security of sensitive and vital installations, such as:
    • Public institutions, ministries and courts
    • Embassies and consulates
    • Protecting The Monarch and Foreign Officals within the Kingdom.


Zealanidan flag

The Kingdom of Zealandia