Royal reformed Department of Justice
RrSA Flag
Royal reformed Flag
Motto "Long Live Freedom and Security"
Created 2009
Branches Royal reformed Courts, Royal reformed Police Force
Main Job Ensure Justice, Peace and Freedom
Dukes of the Royal reformed Department of Justice
Current Duke Duke Wilary
Past Dukes None
Law and Order
Number of Courts 4
Trials 4
Number of Police Forces 1
Arrests None

The Royal reformed Department of Justice oversees all courts and law enforcement in the Royal reformed States of America. It has two main branches, the Royal reformed Courts and the Royal reformed Police Force. There have been no arrests made but there have been three trials.

Royal reformed Police Force

The RrSA has one police agency, the Royal reformed Police Force. There is currently three members of the RrPF. The color of the uniform is blue and. No arrests have ever been made by the force.


Rank Abbreviation Normal Insignia Secondary Insignia
Cheif of Police

Court Cases

There have been three cases in the Royal reformed Courts.

Royal reformed Court of the Rights of People versus Royal reformed King Wilary the First Decree Number Three

May 12, 2010. Declared that the clause of the HEKWI Decree #3 that stated that a nation must be one month old to be reconized by the RrSA was illegal because it violated Amendment I of the Rights of People by discriminating on the basis of age.

RrSA Flag
Royal reformed States of America

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