National Football Federation of the Sabina (NFFS)


Logo of the National Olympic Federation.


The national football strips of Sabina's football team. The home and away kits are yet to be in use, meanwhile the team does use the current kit.

The Principality of Sabina's National Football Team was founded on the 9th of November 2016, after months of planning President Inigo Mayo was appointed Coach/Manager of the all national football teams and head of the NFFS. The federation is part of the Sabina National Olympic Federation. The team has not yet been assembled however the sport is very popular in the principality and is welcomed by the general population.

Micronational Football Wiki


11 a-side Men's/Women's Team

5 a-side Men's/Women's Team

7 a-side Men's/Women's Team

Current Team Rosters

Men's 5-11 Team

Coach: Inigo Mayo

1 Alban Mayo(GK)

2 NA*

3 *

4 *

5 *

6 *

7 *

8 *

9 *

10 *

11 *

12 *

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