Saint Rychard Department
Flag of Saint Rychard Department
annexation date May 30, 2009
leader Kyng Fyrst
land area ~ 0 acres
languages French, Slin-Englysh
abbreviation SR

Saint Rychard Department is the capital department of the Slinky Empyre. It was the first department in Slinky history.



The Royal Throne is located in the east region of Saint Rychard. The Royal Office building includes the View Deck, an observation deck built on the highest point in the Slinky Empyre. A weather station is located on the west side of the View Deck. The light post features a replica of a chess pawn in honor of the national sport of Keep Watch, the first nation to enter a state of friendship with the Slinky Empyre. Work is still being done on the View Deck, and no visitors should be allowed to visit it until a guard rail has been built. An inscription on the North Gate reads the phrase "The righteous shall flourish as a branch" in Slin-Englysh and French.

Branches Chapel is located in the western region of the department.


2009 Royal Geographic Survey

The 2009 Royal Geographic Survey took place before Saint Rychard was officially annexed. The results of this survey were the dimensions of the Royal Office structure, the exact boundaries of Saint Rychard Department, and the land area of the department (approximately one forty thousandth of an acre).

2009 Census

A census took place on July 1, 2009.

Sister cities

St. Rychard has six sister cities through the Micronational Authority of Sister Cities:

A1flag New Central, A1 Template:Country data Alertherflag.PNG Isralica City, Alerther Template:Country data Eleytheria flag.png Regalton, Eleytheria Template:Country data Landashir'n Flag.jpg Sycamore-Booker, Landashir Template:Country data Imperial Republic Flag Wiki.png Astor Impora, Nemkhavia Template:Country data SKOPamaleFlag.png Backton, Pamale Template:Country data Untitled.jpg Varcetia City, Varcetia


Slinky Empyre

diplomacy, Kyng, Parliament, offices and positions

education, tourism, treasury, military, post

Saint Rychard Dpt., Herway Dpt., Llabdey Dpt., Tyncomarus Dpt., Hookwood Dpt.,
Amono Dpt., Lookout Dpt., Hayland Dpt., Sarenai Dpt.,
Tergumterra Dpt., Sumac Dpt., Iyabi Dpt., Georgeton Dpt., Haynes Dpt.

language, symbols, Slinky Award of Appreciation, Royal Pryze, Slinky Science Instytute
Micronational Activity Review, Micronational Monthly, Slinky Monthly

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