Samaran Labour Party
Leader Victoria Jensen
Founded March 11, 2013
Headquarters New Transport House
Youth wing Young Labour
Membership 11
Ideology Labour unionism
Social democracy
Political position Centre-left
Official colors Red
Federal seats 83 / 150
State seats 161 / 289
State governments 2 / 3
Election symbol
Samaran federal labour
A Fair Country is a Labour Country

The Samaran Labour Party, officially known as Federal Labour and commonly just called Labour, is a large centre-left and social democratic political party active in the Republic of Samara. It is the oldest political party in that country and one of two major parties, competing with the centre-right Democratic Party of Samara for office at a federal and state level.

Federal Labour is not actually a legal political party in its own right but an umbrella organisation that brings together members from three state political parties the Alberry Labour Party, the Country Labour Party (in the Kydra Vale) and the Calandran Labour Party.


Samara's restrictive rules on political party registration mean it is difficult to create a political party without a broad base of activists, whilst the country's electoral system is also designed to reward parties that can appeal to a big chunk of the electorate. Labour was the result of Samara's leftist political activists coming together to form a big tent party of the left wing for those reasons.

There was some debate at the time of Labour's founding over the ideology and culture of the party. A minority of individuals advocated Labour being further to the left wing and adopting democratic socialism as its practical ideology, but these proposals were rejected by the party's more moderate activists in favour of social democratic positions.

Other names for the party were also considered. It was originally going to be called the Democratic Party of Working People, but this name was abandoned after it emerged the centre-right was planning to launch a Democratic Party. The name Party of Socialists was also rejected.

At foundation, the party nominated Social Democratic leader Victoria Jensen as its first leader without opposition. Jensen went on to guide the party to an 83 - 66 seat victory over the right wing in the first federal elections.

Political platform

Labour's political platform is broadly in line with the moderate platforms of the British, Australian and New Zealand Labour parties. The party's basic principles are a commitment to equality of economic opportunity, social justice, fairness for working people and a strong federal government. It is a party of the moderate left. It embraces social market economics and rejects the idea of State direction of the economy, believing the job of the State is instead to curb the excesses of capitalism through regulation that encourages competition in the private sector and promotes fairness for workers and consumers.

The specifics of federal policy is decided by the party leadership in according with the principles of the party platform. The State parties are also free to adopt their own policy positions but these are expected to conform with the policies advocated by the federal leadership.


State Legislature Seats
Alberry State Legislative Assembly 60 / 87 (in government)
Kydra Vale Legislative Assembly 48 / 98 (in opposition)
Calandran State Legislative Assembly 53 / 104 (in government)
Alberry labour
Country labour
Calandran labour
Labour is a coalition of three separate political parties, one from each State in the Republic. Despite this it functions largely as a single political party under the banner of Federal Labour.

Federal Labour is the umbrella organisation to which the three State parties belong. It has a great deal of authority and influence over the State branches, especially when it comes to the selection of leaders and the deciding of policy. Federal Labour is officially governed by the Federal Executive Council (FEC), which is made up of the leaders of the three state parties.

The party is led by at the federal level by the leader of the party in the House of Representatives, who provides general authority and direction for the party and has a final say on matters of federal public policy.

Electoral performance

Federal Labour

Federal elections

Election Number of votes for Labour Share of votes Seats Outcome of election
April 6, 2013 4,073 51.2% 83 Labour victory

State election totals

Election cycle Total number of votes for Labour Share of votes Total seats
April 2013 - April 2013 4,073 51.9% 161

Alberry Labour Party

Election Number of votes for Labour Share of votes Seats Outcome of election
April 6, 2013 1,458 56.2% 60 Labour landslide

Country Labour Party

Election Number of votes for Labour Share of votes Seats Outcome of election
April 6, 2013 1,250 49.0% 48 Democratic victory

Calandran Labour Party

Election Number of votes for Labour Share of votes Seats Outcome of election
April 6, 2013 1,365 50.6% 53 Labour victory

List of federal and state leaders

Federal Labour

Name Entered office Left office Deputy Elections
Victoria Jensen March 11, 2013 Incumbent Jay Stephenson April 2013

Alberry Labour Party

Name Entered office Left office Elections
Jay Stephenson March 11, 2013 Incumbent April 2013

Country Labour Party

Name Entered office Left office Elections
Kieran Nelson March 11, 2013 Incumbent April 2013

Calandran Labour Party

Name Entered office Left office Elections
Jonathan Little March 11, 2013 Incumbent April 2013

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