Sandlinstadt is a Sandlinite colony in Northern Holland & Northern Germany. The colony was started by soldiers fighting in the November War. The colony had it's own airstrip & thousands of ultralight aircraft bombed firecrackers over Kifflom land.


The colony had mostly had Americans with Irish & German decent. Since the colony only was a hamlet at the German side of the Rhine River the colony was easy to get to.

November War

The ultralight aircraft that was flying to injure the Kifflom landed at Sandlinstadt for fuel or just landed to attack on foot. The colony soon got power over the Kifflom & renamed it's self as New Monomew.

The Fall

When the war was over the Sandlinites didn't care for the colony because it had no purpouse. The colony just fleed to nearby cities like Rotterdam,Copenhagen, Amsterdam & Dusseldorf.