Sandyford Free State/Free State of Sandyford

"Existing in a state of freedom forever"
Claims 1KmSq in the City of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Capital city Sandyford
Largest city Sandyford
Official language(s) English, Spanish, Northumbrian
Demonym Sandyian
Government Republic
Muriél Dé Santoza
Gary Jagger
Legislature National Assembly of Sandyford
Established 1st of May 2010
Area claimed 1Km2
Population 8,800 (2010 est)
Currency Aréná
Time zone (UTC±0 to +1)
Internet Domain .syfd


The Sandyford Free State was established on 1 May 2010 in the community of Sandyford in the City of Newcastle upon Tyne in England. The Free State currently claims an area of around 1 km2, which is roughly within the historical community. It is bounded to the north by the Sandyford and Coast roads, to the south and east by Ouseburn River, and to the west by Portland Road.

The Free State has several declared aims; including the establishment of a truly sovereign, and independent nation within its claimed territory with full control over the economy, foreign affairs, immigration, postage, currency, and utilities. It is also dedicated to building a vibrant and democratic political culture and society, with a participatory assembly and accountable government.

At the founding ceremony held in the Bluebell Pub in the heart of the nation on 1 May 2010 a provisional government was formed and a Premier and Jefe were elected to push forward the creation of a democratic constitution, and a timetable for full, open, and fair elections within 12 months of foundation, and hopefully a lot sooner.

The Provisional Government

The current government of the Free State is essentially self appointed, this is however intended to change, the current government consists of an acting Jefe and Premier, and the secretaries and ministers they have appointed. The members of the government together are the cabinet. At the moment there are no statutory offices except for those of the Jefe and the Premier, all other posts are created an appointed on an ad-hoc basis by the above statutory officers. El Jefe is the chair of the cabinet and government, and the Premier is the secretary and treasurer.

The current office holders are listed below.

  • El Jefe (acting) - Muriél Dé Santoza.
  • Premier (acting),Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, and Tourism - Gary Jagger.
  • Secretary of State for Law and Justice, and Deputy Premier - Andrew Connor.
  • Chair of the Constitutional Development Subcommittee, and El Vice Jefe - John Thorpe.
  • Minister for Communications and Web - Peter LeStandhope.
  • Chancellor of the Exchequer and Minister for Economic Realism - Liz O'Brien.
  • Minister for Culture, History, and National Pride - Allan Simons.


"The Seat of Parliament" is the Blue Bell Public House on Jesmond Vale. The Parliament or Assembly consists of 27 members elected on a simple nationwide closed list system of Proportional Representation (PR), there is no minimum vote threshold. All decimal points are rounded down except for the most popular party for whom they are rounded up. Parties can either place their candidates on a list prior to the election, or allocate any seats won after the election on whatever grounds they see fit. Unusually parties can even allocate their seats to other parties.


Is held using a simple nationwide list system, in which any political party, association or group of independents will be able to field an open or closed list. All citizens will have one vote in the electronic ballot, and seats will be allocated between lists on a directly proportional vote, the list with the most votes will have % rounded up, all others will have them rounded down.

The role of the first national assembly will be to discuss and draw up a final draft of the constitution which will then be presented to the populace for a referendum. If the constitution contains a different format national legislature then the assembly will be dissolved immediately following the approval of the constitution and fresh elections will be held within 14 days under the new system.

June 2010 Election Results

The first ever elections were held electronically via email on Tuesday the 1st of June 2010. The table below shows the seat allocation in the First Parliamentary Session.

Political Parties

Any group of two or more citizens can form a political party, association, or group. In order to stand candidates for election they must register a list with the office of the Minister for the Constitution at least 14 days before the election they wish to contest. Currently there are two political parties within Sandyford, neither of which are registered for elections yet.

  • the Sandyford Democratic People's Labor Party (SDPLP) a broadly left leaning, and socially liberal party identified with Gary Jagger.
  • Sandyford A New Nation Arises (SANNA) a broadly moderate right of center and largely Spanish speaking party identified with Muriél Dé Santoza.

Currently both parties are represented within the provisional government, though not all cabinet ministers are members, and at the moment dual membership is allowed by both parties.

There is a third emergent party within Sandyford, calling itself the United Geordie Defense Association (UGDA) they are opposed to Sandyfordian independence or self determination.

June 2010 Parliamentary Election
< • • >
Parliament of the Sandyford Free State
June 2010
Party or List SDPLP SANNA Independent Slate Freedom Liberals
Vote Share 40% 32% 27% 1%
Seats Allocated 11 8 7 0 The election this time was to fill 26 seats, it was agreed the 27th would remain vacant until the number of active citizens reaches 30, then a one off by-election will be held to fill that seat. Currently the SDPLP have pledged to allocate two of their seats to the as of yet unregistered 'Progressive Green' party, and as many as five of the remaining nine to either independents who failed to get elected on the Indy slate, or to people who join the party at a later date. Until then Gary Jagger will as party leader occupy all unclaimed seats held by the party, including their votes. The provisional government will remain unchanged based on this result.