Sarre & Timeria

map of the protectorate Principalities of (A) Arimathea/Aridia, (V) Valkyria, (T) Timeria, (S) Sarre


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General information.

Sarre was founded on May 15, 2007, was a micronation member of the European Union of Micronations. (EUM), of the Iberian Union and aspired to be a real state, following, adopting and implementing the Montevideo Convention. It made real progress until the coup by general Rummel, who then declared parlement desolved and rulled as sole dictator unitll the disintegration of the same Nation.

It disintegrated in February 2012.and on 02-XI-894/2012 it became part of the Union Beaulosagñese, but on 25-IX-895/2013, Sarre has become part of Timeria


El Portus (Murcia, Spain)


  • Marco Sarreño (discontinued in 02-XI-894/2012)

Official languages:

Esperanto, Spanish




Sarre is now part of Timeria

Ilegislature: Sarre is governed by twelve Ministers and 1 Prime Minister. These are elected every 7 years democraticly. (At year seven de prime-minister is elected, after 3.5 years de 12 ministers.) The Senate is composed of 12 Ministers. the parties are:

  • Imperial Party of Sarre - 7 members (IPS)
  • Socialist Party of Sare - 3 members (SPS)
  • Sarre workers Party - 2 members (SWP)

Industry and Commerce:

Sarre is Member of:

more info:

[1] (Sarre-spanish page)

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