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The Public Copyright and Patenting Agency is an executive agency of the Saxonistan Governments Homeland Ministry, it is controlled under the Department for Intelectual Property.


The agency was created under the Copyright Act 2014 in an effort by the King to stop copyright infringement before it took hold in the Federal Kingdom. The post of Chief Executive agent (the head of the agency) is currently vaccent like all government positions.


The role of the Agency is to stop copyright infringement in Saxonistan and the ultimate goal is to create an environment (the nation) where Industries can trust that their copyrights will be protected.


The powers of the Agency were set out in the Copyright Act 2014 there where as follows:

  • Right to detain
  • Power to bring criminal charges against copyright infringers
  • Right to to issue copyrights, Trade Marks and other intelectual property protection

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