Schmidt's call is a micronational song and a proposed anthem for the Confederation of Balkan micronations. The song is about the brotherhood,peace and unity specific to the Confederation as well as about friendship between peoples and countries.


Oh,Schmidt's call!

Schmidt's call!

He's uniting nations,peoples and countries 

In a Confederation

All under a single motto

Of Brotherhood and Unity!

Schmidt's call!

Schmidt's call!

Oh,hey! You,the one from the Postavaru mountain

Can you hear it?

The beautiful song

Of peace,brotherhood and unity,

It's the Schmidt's call!

We will not fear anyone,

We will stay united,

Under one great slogan,

"Brotherhood and unity for all!"

He's calling you too,dear Balkan,

The day of humiliation ended.

Instead,we will be strong and united,

It's the Schmidt's call!

Long live our Confederation!

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