The Galacian Science and Technology Department is a semi-governmental branch dedicated to all discoveries,
The Science and Technology Department of Galacia
operations, etc. pertaining to science and technology within Galacia that is not an independent study.


The Department was created in Late-November 2011. It is divided into programs that specialize in certain scientific topics. A good example would be GASAP. GASAP (Galacian Astronomy, Space, and Aerodynamics Program) is one of the many (mostly future) programs underneath the Science and Technology Department umbrella that deals with the science and technology of space and flight.

However this will soon change. GASAP will probably be shut down and merged with the Department. Galacia is not in the need of many programs, as the Department, once strong, will be able to deal with everything by itself.

Therefore, in the near future, everything science and technology-related in Galacia will be the responsibilty of the Science of Technology Department, unless an independent study.

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